Blue Agave…In the words of Shania Twain..”That don’t impress me much “


Yup, I brought in a country reference into a blog posting…haha…check that off my bucket list!  Just kidding!

Let’s talk about Blue Agave, shall we?  Blue Agave is a restaurant located in Federal Hill in the historic McHenry Theater Building about a block away from the Cross Street Market.  Location wise, it’s a sure fire hit.  I mean it’s in the heart of Federal Hill (not too far off from the Harbor) accessible by Water Taxi, Charm City Circulator, or your two feet.  I live in Little Italy and it was really nice weather, so my buddy and I decided to walk it to Fed Hill.  Regardless, I was looking forward to the whole experience because I’ve heard positive things about the venue.

My buddy and I were greeted warmly by the hostess and directed to sit at the bar for a minute while our table was getting setup for us and the other members in our party.  While we were at the bar, I was scoping out the drink selection and they have some pretty cool concoctions worth checking out.  I abstained from the drink menu that night and a few minutes later, we were directed to our table.  Shortly thereafter, my buddy pointed to the exposed brick wall I sat in front of; he wasn’t pointing out how the exposed brick added to the vibe of the place, rather, he pointed out the massive cockroach on it….ICK!  We immediately pointed it out to one of the servers and they said they would address it.  Yeah, it wasn’t…double ICK!  I know stuff like that happens in restaurants – I m a reasonable guy – but it wasn’t ideal for a first experience in a restaurant that I’ve been anxiously waiting to try!  It sent chills down my spine for not so good reasons!

We were a party of six:  three of us ordered this vegetarian burrito, two of us ordered a vegetarian burrito, and my good buddy stood alone and ordered a grilled veggie burrito with pesto.  The chicken enchiladas were well-received and oddly enough, so was the grilled veggie burrito with pesto, however, the rest of us….yeah not so much!  When I go to a restaurant, I expect food that I really can’t make myself and/or has some kind of unique flavor profile that keeps me coming back for more.  This burrito lacked both.  Don’t get me wrong, the portion size was there and it was accompanied by rice and black beans, but I didn’t need to drop the $15 on my dish that I could have gotten at Chipotle for $6.50. 

Now question is, would I go back? Absolutely.  I would definitely try something new, because it is possible that I just picked the wrong dish.  I kind of have to go back anyways because I ordered a Groupon for it a while back…haha!  For me, still the best authentic Mexican food I’ve had in Baltimore is Miguel’s Baltimore.  A little hard to get to via public transportation because it’s in South Baltimore, but definitely worth the trip if you can make it.   

Concluding thoughts:
Pros:  Ambiance, Location
Cons:  Price, Quality of Dishes
Other:  Be aware that first basket of chips is on the house, anything beyond that, it’s on you!   Demographic wise – the restaurant is good for all: couples, young professionals, families.  

For now, this is Ankur…

Signing off!


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