Getting ready for Artscape

This Friday kicks off Artscape, America’s largest free arts festival right here in Baltimore. The streets will be filled with sculptures, vendors, crafts, music, and so much more to keep you coming back for more.

July 15-17
Mt. Royal Ave | North Charles Street

Who’s taking the stage at Artscape, take a listen.


Towsontown Festival – the Saturday Edition

This weekend was the Towsontown Spring Festival. With its reputation as one of the biggest festivals of its kind anywhere around, we were thrilled to be a part of the festival and our new staff members were excited to see just what the big deal is all about.

Saturday morning didn’t get off to a great start. We had been promised a beautifully sunny and warm day by our local weatherman, and it was turning out to be just the opposite. With the chill settling in we were worried that the gray skies would keep the festival-goers away. Plus, with the winds starting to pick up we were worried our materials were going to take flight and we had to weight everything down with our water bottles.

However, we were glad to see that the people of Towson are up for a fun time, even if they have to wear their rain jackets and hoodies to do so. The crowds slowly started to trickle in and our Trivia game seemed to be a hit! People were enjoying themselves, and the music was blasting away from the stage as the crowds cheered on the DJ’s song selections. And as if to reward them for their perseverance at making the most of the Festival, the skies opened up and the sun came out turning the gloomy day into the warm and sunny day we had been promised.

Besides hosting “Collegetown Trivia” we managed to get some time to enjoy the Festival ourselves. We ventured out to explore all the booths and boy were we impressed! Not only were there countless food vendors, selling everything from funnel cakes, to gyros, to crabcakes, to asian cuisine, all with equally delicious aromas inticing us at every turn, but there were tons of craft vendors selling their fares, multiple sound stages, and tons of chances to win great prizes everywhere you looked! (We’re talking free gas cards here – who doesn’t want that?) At least 6 blocks had been blocked off to make room for all the fun thoroughfare. It truly was a grand festival in size alone, but being able to get great deals on some quality and unique items made it even better.

The festival ran all day and we didn’t see a decline in the crowds until late in the evening. It seemed that there was just too much festival to enjoy all in one day. (Maybe that’s why they made it a whole weekend event.) We were exhausted by the end, but we had had such a good time! We had spent hours spinning prize wheels, shopping for designer purses, devouring festival food fare (mmm funnel cake), and trying to stump people with our trivia questions. Overall the day was a huge success and we think we finally understand that the Towsontown Festival deserves its reputation as one of the best around!