The Beauty of Baltimore

Okay, so I can’t be the only one that’s stopped their car just a little too long at a red light staring at one of the spectacular murals around Baltimore, right? Be honest … we all get a little distracted sometimes – and who can help it with all these open-walls-baltimore-murals-gaiaamazing, larger than life works of art around the city?

It all began in 2012 when Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake and Station North Arts and Entertainment, Inc. launched Open Walls Baltimore, a community art project dedicated to a tremendous outdoor exhibit of murals across Station North. Over the course of two months, talented artists from Baltimore, New York City, Europe, and South America painted twenty-three remarkable murals. The success of the inaugural UnknownOpen Walls Baltimore two years ago inspired OWB2 (Open Walls Baltimore 2) which began in March and goes through June 2014. OWB2 is curated by local artist (and MICA graduate), Gaia, and promises several new additions to Baltimore’s already exquisite collection of street art.


And it’s more than just murals! OWB2 will also include several performances and demonstrations over the course of the two-month project. Under the name Open Walls Baltimore X, these programs include Free Yoga Fridays by Charm City Yoga and Story Telling by Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, leader of the public art series Stop Telling Women to Smile

Be sure to keep up with the progress of OWB2 over the next couple months, and “Like” them on Facebook. And if you’re interested in other murals around Baltimore, check out The Baltimore Sun’s list of the city’s 50 best!

These beautiful murals aren’t the only reason to go out and about in the city this spring – now that the weather forecast is finally starting to include some sunshine it’s time to enjoy the beauty of Baltimore! Check out this list of lovely, outdoor venues that are sure to be calling your name as the temperatures continue to climb:

All of these look like the perfect excuse for a study break, am I right!? Get out there and See More BMore this spring – and if you have any other outdoor activities you think should be included in our list, please comment below!


-Madison Boris, intern


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