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Thanksgiving 2013

Every year I promise myself that I will finally add my own creation to my family’s Thanksgiving feast, and every year the opportunity somehow slips away from me.  I’ve never actually done anything more than mash the potatoes, butter the rolls, or assemble the casserole.  I’ve never, from start-to-finish, created my own culinary masterpiece to be enjoyed by my family.  This year it is my mission to add my own personal touch to the Thanksgiving table (and maybe even impress my master chef of a grandmother).

I’ve come up with a list of simple, delicious recipes that I think have the potential to be a huge hit! Take a look, give them a try, and if there’s anything you think I should add, feel free to leave your comments and suggestions!  Also, seeing that is the season of giving, I’ve included information about how to help hungry families in Baltimore before heading home for break – check it out!

  • Just For Fun – No Cooking Required, Just Assemble!
    • Oreo Turkeys (big kids can have fun too, right?)
    • Fruit Masterpiece (see picture)



Cooking not your thing? How about a craft for the family table instead?

Pumpkin Candles

Bean/Lentil Candles 
                                                                                                          Floral Pumpkin

Before Heading Home

I know most of us will be heading home for the holiday, but before you board your planes, trains, and automobiles send a donation to the Maryland Food Bank!   You can drop off bags of food at one of their many food drives (call 737-8282 ext. 223 to talk to the food drive coordinator to find a location near you!) or you can give a virtual donation where you can pick out groceries in an online supermarket, balt_foodbank_lgmake a monetary donation, and MFB will deliver them to someone in need!

Hope everyone has a fantastic break;  safe travels and Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Baltimore Collegetown!

-Madison Boris, intern


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