Spring Break


Thanks to MTV and the mid-1990s, Spring Break has become synonymous with exotic beaches, all-inclusive resorts, scantily clad college co-eds, and of course an endless stream of alcohol.  I am sure we would all love the chance to drink bottomless piña coladas, work on a tan, and dance the night away at a beach-front club, but without selling a limb or panhandling in downtown Baltimore, it realistically doesn’t fit into many college students’ budgets (myself included).

So instead of sitting on mom and dad’s couch for a week watching the entire Netflix instant queue, here are some affordable spring break alternatives.

Road-Trip It:

Get a few of your other budget-conscious buddies together and head out on a weeklong trip sure to be full of sightseeing, sing-alongs, and some good old fashioned bonding.  First off, make a list of cities and attractions you and your friends might want to see, then narrow it down and create a route based on proximity and your time frame.  For those on a strict budget, it is easier to stick to one region or coast, but those with a little more financial leeway may consider flying across the country, and renting a car for the return trip—this way you can complete a cross-country road trip even in one week.

You can also visit sites like Best of The Road and The All American Roadtrip, which have pre-planned trips highlighting notable attractions, scenic routes, shops, and restaurants.


Your main expense will be gas, but among a group of four to five, it is definitely affordable.  Also to consider are accommodations, but with a little pre-planning it is easy to save big.  Chances are you have friends at colleges and universities all over the country, so what better way to save money then to crash on their dorm floors!?  You might even specifically plan a “College Themed” road trip, bopping from campus to campus, catching up with old friends.  Another cheap alternative to hotels and motels, are campgrounds—which brings us to our next spring break alternative…


Escape the hustle and bustle of school and Baltimore with a week out in the wilderness.  There are a ton of options when it comes to camping, which will suit every prima donna to granola munching outdoor enthusiast.  Check out some of these different types of camping to see what works best with your group.

Your next step after deciding a style of camping is to collect the appropriate gear.  Many colleges and universities have outdoor recreation programs on campus that rent out gear (i.e. tents, sleeping bags, sports equipment) to students—better yet students usually only need to put down a deposit that will be reimbursed upon return. camping-disaster-300x225

Katie’s Top 3 Camping Desserts (tested and approved)

  1. Banana Boats
  2. Orange Blueberry Muffins
  3. Campfire Donuts

Okay maybe just one s’MORE

s’mores on s’mores

Day Trips:

So you are not feeling a week-long adventure, and although you may not want to admit it, you kinda miss mom and dad.  There are plenty of fun daytrips that you can take while spending the week in the comforts of home.  One of my favorite daytrip sources is Weird U.S. a travel guide to some of America’s strangest local legends and best kept secrets.  My friends and I have spent countless Saturday nights exploring abandoned dirt roads, eerie graveyards, and some quirky and downright strange sights.  For those looking for a unique adventure and even a spooky fright or two, check out the website or books to see if your state/area is featured.

If folklore and ghost-hunting are not your forte, try more traditional outings to local museums, theme-parks, concerts, outlets, etc.

Job Hunt:

Well it is definitely not my first choice, but whether you are an overachiever, or all your “fun” options simply failed, you can make the most of your spring break by doing a little job hunting.  Summer internships fill up fast (especially the good ones), so take this time to begin your search.  Get your resume ready, draft some cover letters, and begin applying.  Our website has some great opportunities in Baltimore, which are worth checking out:


Katie Windt, Intern



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