Be Mine! Quick Tips for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is probably the most loathsome, stress inducing holiday of the year.  Okay, maybe I am being a little dramatic and slightly bitter, but really, think about it.  There are tons of people ridin’ solo (myself included) who simply see the day as a reminder of their seemingly endless string of bad relationships, heartbreaks, or loneliness.  No matter how many times we tell ourselves “I am better off without ____” or “I love being single!”, come Valentine’s Day we are all feeling at least the slightest twinge of pain.

Even those in happy relationships are bogged down by the challenges of picking out the right gift, choosing between chocolate and flowers, or deciding whether tonight is the night to use the “L” word.  Love is a tough game to play whether in or out of it; it is one of the most powerful and challenging emotions, so it only makes sense that this upcoming holiday is so often stigmatized and stressful.

While I don’t see love getting easier anytime soon, I can only hope that these few tips will help make this year’s Valentine’s Day a little brighter and a little less stressful.  And don’t worry there is something for everyone—even those Valentine-less.



Many of Baltimore’s greatest restaurants offer fun and exciting menus for this special night.  There are many prix fixe menus of three to five course meals that will have your mouth watering.  These offers are great for couples looking for a night of candlelight and romance.

Now for all my single guys and gals, don’t be afraid to get a group of friends in on a reservation.  These special Valentine offers are a great excuse to finally try that restaurant you have been dying to dine at!  Don’t be embarrassed that you are the only non-couples out, because while enjoying your delicious meal you can of course silently snicker about how you are “totally better off without”.

To book reservations and check out some of the offered menus visit:



The classic movie date—it never gets old.  Baltimore’s charming Charles Theater is unique in that it offers first-run specialty films in addition to Hollywood movies, foreign films, indies, and classics.  The Charles’ eclectic charm and cozy interior make it perfect for any date night.

To check show times visit:

For a more traditional movie going experience, check out The Harbor East or AMC White Marsh .  Both offer a wider range of films, most of which are current Hollywood releases.  You are sure to find a romance suitable for you and your sweet Valentine.

For my single friends, I suggest you stray away from sad romantic dramas this Valentine’s Day.  Rather check out a comedy to keep the mood light, and your spirits high.  The newly released romantic zombie comedy, Warm Bodies, proves to be a box office hit, and may just be the perfect mix of humor and romance to get you through this Valentine’s Day.  Check out the trailer!


Also anyone looking to save a few bucks, Relativity Studios presents a free advanced screening of the Nicolas Sparks’ romantic drama Safe Haven.  This special screening is on Wednesday, February 13 at 7:30 p.m.  There are 50 free tickets available through Collegetown, and each person is allowed to download two tickets to the screening.  Screening tickets do not guarantee admittance though, rather seating is on a first come, first served basis, so make sure to arrive early!

To redeem this special offer please visit and use the RSVP code BLTCLG2U0K


Okay, I am really sorry to all those couples out there, but I had to do it.  I had to dedicate something to singles only, seeing as this day is a little more depressing and a lot less romantic for us.

Now just to reassure the single people out there, you are not alone! Far from it!  In fact many Baltimore bars and restaurants on Valentine’s Day solely cater to the vast population of singles.  So if you can’t bear to see happy couples dining, canoodling, or partaking in other gut-wrenching activities, these singles-only events may be the best option for you.

Grab a group of your favorite single people, and head out for a night on the town.

single mingle

Katie Windt, Intern



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