Shuttle Spotlight: Cory Booker

I am firm believer in the power of leadership, that leaders are born, not made, and leaders have an ability to inspire others to make a change.  I know economic times are difficult now and it’s hard to be optimistic about our elected officials who are supposed to work together and find solutions.  With this posting, I hope to challenge your thinking and learn more about an amazing individual by the name of Cory Booker. 

Cory Booker was elected Mayor of Newark in 2006 and since his time in office, he’s hit the ground running.  He’s an innovative leader who demonstrates bold leadership who’s worked tirelessly to reduce crime in the city of Newark and double affordable housing opportunities.  He’s also known for creating and sustaining public/private partnerships and calling greater attention to civic responsibility.  His tenure as Mayor was well received and the people of Newark chose to reelect him in 2010.  

What does this have to do with Collegetown?  Well folks, he’s here in Baltimore!  Goucher College named him a Visiting Professor for the fall 2011 semester and he’ll be speaking not once, but twice.  You can catch him speak at Goucher College on October 12 a the Kraushaar Auditorium at 8 PM.  If that doesn’t work for you, well the JHU MSE Symposium has arranged something for you on October 15 at 7;30 at Shriver Hall.  For full details, go to or

The best thing is, both of the events are FREE!    How do you get there – Baltimore Collegetown Shuttle!  To get to Goucher College, hop on the Blue Route and it’s the northernmost point of the route.  If going to Hopkins fits in better with your schedule, then take either the Blue of Red Route and get off at one of the two Hopkins stops.  Best part is, if you’re not too familiar with the JHU Homewood campus, then you can download a free app and get directions on how to navigate the campus. 

For a little sample of what you might see this week, here’s a link to his speech at Brandeis’ University 2009 Commencement: 

For now, this is Ankur…

Signing off…


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