Shuttle Spotlight: Morgan State University’s Homecoming Week

I’m not a huge fan of fall weather or the leaves changing color, but one good thing this season brings is football.  Yes, the Ravens are awesome and all hail to my Washington Redskins (sorry, just had to put that in here!), but we gotta give some props to our college football teams in the area.  Towson, my alma mater, is up on the up this year and their homecoming week was a huge success!  Well, homecoming fever in Baltimore isn’t quite over yet.  This week’s Shuttle Spotlight is all about Morgan State’s homecoming week.

Morgan State’s homecoming is infamous in Baltimore.  The Morgan State Bears have a stellar line up next week filled with galas, socials, a parade in the city, and of course the big football game against Savannah State University.  Over the past four years, I’ve learned a lot about each of the various institutions in Baltimore.  If there’s one thing, I can say about these students is they are super proud to be a Morgan State University student and they wear their blue and orange with utmost pride.  This spirit will be consistently apparent during the big parade taking place on Saturday, October 8 along the Alameda and Cold Spring Lane.  The students might take it up a notch during the tailgate or in the game against Savannah State.

 My friend, a Morgan State alumnae, graduated almost ten years ago and she is jazzed up for Morgan’s homecoming weekend.  I asked her “What it is about Morgan’s homecoming festivities that keeps you coming back?  Is there an X-Factor?!”  (Pop culture reference.  Check!)  Her response:  “Plain and simple – it’s fun!”  Now I know, it’s not a super substantive answer, but sometimes a few words are all you need to get your point across. 

 So, if you haven’t firmed up your plans for next weekend, then head out on out to Morgan State University and enjoy some good ol’ college football!  Can you get there on the Baltimore Collegetown Shuttle?  Absolutely!  Morgan State was recently added as a stop and is easily accessible along the red route. 

 For now, this is Ankur…

 Signing off….


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