Shuttle Spotlight: Sherman Alexie at Goucher College

(Google Images)

It was in my first English class in college that I was introduced to Sherman Alexie. The class was assigned to read of few of his short stories and then mimic his writing style.

I always had trouble copying someone’s writing voice. It always takes drafts and drafts until I really think I do that author’s style some justice. Sherman Alexie’s witty writing style caught my attention and for the first time, I was excited for this sort of writing assignment.

Alexie has a way to make the most uncomfortable and awkward situations hilarious. He writes with sincerity and honesty that makes his characters relatable (even if you weren’t raised on a Reservation in Washington).

Last night, Alexie spoke at Goucher College. I had never been to the school before and was amazed by the packed auditorium. In typical Alexie fashion, he filled the room with laughter. He shared stories of his childhood and now being a husband and father.  He told anecdotes relating to current issues and stories that took some wild and weird turns.

If you’re looking for a laugh, Alexie will be at the Baltimore Book Festival this weekend with other nationally acclaimed writers.

How do you get to the festival you ask? Just hop on the free Collegetown Shuttle down to Penn Station. From Penn Station jump on no-cost Charm City Cirulator Purple Route to Stop 314 Madison Street. Just walk a few blocks down and you will be in book wonderland. All you need is your Student ID and you’re ready to roll.

Looking for an event at Goucher? The Collegetown Shuttle will take you there!
Oct. 5 author Wes Moore will be in town.


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