Latinofest at Patterson Park

I was ready for some action this past weekend. I knew of a few festivals going on in Baltimore, so I grabbed a friend and we started our trip. The game plan was to go to ROOTSfest an arts and culture festival over the “Highway to Nowhere,” Route 40, at Franklin and N. Gilmor, but things didn’t turn out as planned.

Although I was excited to see Chuck Brown, we never made it to the festival. Somehow we ended up on the opposite side and next thing we knew we were at Patterson Park.

My friend had heard of Latinofest taking place so when we realized we were close we knew we’d find some fun at the festival. And our crazy car ride needed to come to an end.

Before we entered we did some exploring of the park. We stumbled onto a community garden and tried our best to get a good glimpse inside the Pagoda, which is only open on Sundays.

We made it down the hill to Latinofest and couldn’t take our eyes off all the delicious looking food. So we grabbed ourselves an empenada and made our way around the festival.

The afternoon took a turn, but was an overall success.

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