Cuban food with familiar faces

Havana Road had been on my list of places to eat in Towson for months. I’d pass by, peek inside and make a mental note that I need to go in there. But it never seemed the perfect time, until this weekend.

After weeks of trying to get together, me and two of my LeaderShape friends finally settled on a day and time.

We got the hard part out of the way, now we just needed a place for our pow-wow. We brainstormed places to go and when my friend mentioned she had been craving Cuban food, I knew exactly where to eat.

It was Friday night in Towson and we were all excited it was the weekend and that we were all together. It had been a few weeks since we all saw each other and couldn’t wait to dive into conversation…and the food.

We made our way into the café which was decorated with a lot of colorful artwork. Each table was surrounded by mismatched chairs which gave it an eclectic, but cozy feel.

Our waiter greeted us with menus and the night’s specials. We couldn’t focus on the food right away. We had to catch each other up with what’s being going on in our lives before we could even look at the menu.

It was great hearing about what my friends had been up to, especially since it was right after spring break and there were a lot of stories to tell.

In the meantime we all sneaked some looks at the menu so by the time our waiter came we were ready to order.

Two of us decided on the mojo pollo asado which is Cuban garlic chick sautéed in the café’s mojo sauce and one order of the Guantanamo pargo red snapper served over s trip of sweet plantains.

We talked about our plans for the spring and summer. Number one on our list was for all of us to make it to the Towson Farmer’s Market each week. Last spring I was never able to go because of class, but this year I have a few free hours and plan to make it often.

We lost track of time until our waiter served us our food which snapped us back to reality. We all couldn’t believe the amount of food in front of us. We looked at each other and knew there wasn’t going to be much time for talking and we all dug in.

The food was delicious and to our surprise each entrée was served with sweet plantain, which I love. When we finally slowed down we realized there was no way we could finish and everything had to be boxed up. Leftovers are my favorite so I was looking forward to round two tomorrow.

The café was winding down but we didn’t want the night to end. We thought of places to go for a quick desert and my friend mentioned getting gelatos in Fells Point. Everyone agreed it was a great idea.

We left the café and headed to the car for our quick trip to Pitango Gelatos. The line was out the door but I’ve heard great things about the place and assured myself it’d be worth it…and it was.

Our night was coming to an end. We were stuff and hobbled back to the car for Towson. It’s always good seeing friends and it’s even better when there’s food and gelatos involved.


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