Breakfast at Paper Moon Diner

The weather’s been all over the place. But when I woke up to a sunny and kind-of warm day this weekend I knew I had to do something to celebrate.

Instead of sticking to my normal end-of-the-weekend routine, I decided to adventure out for breakfast, Baltimore style.

Paper Moon Diner was the no-brainer for my Baltimore breakfast bash. After hearing a lot of buzz about the place, I knew it was just the spot to catch up with friends and chat about the weekend’s activities.

The windows were down and music was blasting as we took the short drive to Hampden. But as we headed into the diner, through the crowd, we realized everyone else had the same thing on their mind, food.

Looking at all the interesting decorations outside the diner made the wait easier. From plants in toilet bowls to twisting and spiraling installations, there was so much to look at- and that was only a sneak peek of what’s inside.

After scanning through the menu we all had a better idea of what we wanted, although everything sounded just right for a start of the day meal.

Our name came over the loud speaker just as our stomachs began growling and we ran to the doors.

The cafe was hustling and bustling with servers running around and people chowing down on their breakfast feasts. We made our way to the back of the cafe which was bright and welcoming with the sun shining through the windows.

We all made fast decisions and ordered as soon as our server greeted us- breakfast quesadilla, big dipper (French toast and an egg) and a crispy chicken wrap.

We started chatting and reminiscing about the weekend’s fun but nothing could keep us from thinking of our food. As we waited we admired all the fun and freaky art and designs that covered every inch of the cafe.

From Pee-Wee Herman hanging from a tiny chair to mannequins covered in actions figures, there’s no way to catch it all in one sitting.

When the food arrived the talking stopped and we dove right in, it was all business. Although we tried to finish, the three of us couldn’t clear our plates and had no other choice but to box it for home.

We left in the same fashion as we arrived- hustling out with the crowd. Even at 2 p.m., there was still a wait to be seated and there was no sign of it slowing down.

My first Paper Moon experience was a success. I left stuffed like it was Thanksgiving and even had leftovers to look forward to later.

It was the end of a good weekend and a quick adventure to fuel me for an afternoon of homework.

Although next time we know to calculate our timing better, we all agreed Paper Moon will make its way back on our calendar’s very soon.


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