Students Helping Honduras

Towson University Students Helping Honduras

It’s hard to put the Leadershape experience into words. My experience isn’t any easier to explain, but I could tell you it was an amazing time that helped me learn about myself and the people and places around me.

Two girls I met on my Leadershape adventure were Amanda and Jessa. The sophomores had just arrived back from a service learning trip in Honduras and only a day later was on a bus with me headed for a week-long retreat.

After saying a quick hello to the two I was amazed by their positive energy.  You would think hopping from a service learning trip straight to a leadership retreat would make you exhausted and drained, but Amanda and Jessa couldn’t contain their excitement.

The two gave me and the others a glimpse at what they had witnessed in Honduras with beautiful and heart-wrenching stories. Even before they had left, Amanda and Jessa knew they would bring a chapter of Students Helping Honduras to Towson University.

One year after Leadershape…

Towson University’s Students Helping Honduras chapter raised $5,500 at their biggest fundraiser HonduROCK.

This past Friday the benefit concert raised money to go towards building a children’s home for the orphans of the Honduran village of Villa Soleada. The orphans that Amanda and Jessa held and played with last year and a handful of my close friends met for the first time in January.

Members of SHH headlined the event with their band The Lake Effect and even more support came from the other performances, Fools and Horses, The Three Tree Experience and Hang On, who unexpectedly donated the proceeds from their merchandise.

Tabling events, bagel and coffee sales and countless other fundraising events have helped SHH come closer to their goal of $40,000 and won’t stop until their goal is reached.

Interested in joining…
Towson’s SHH meets every Monday at 8 pm in the Center for Student Diversity.

Show your support…
Green Turtle
April 18
408 York Rd.
Towson, Md 21204

Rita’s Night
April 20
7206 York Rd.Towson, Md 21204


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