Let’s Eat Charles Street

This weekend I ventured out about 50 feet from my apartment complex and encountered a free food festival. The name of the festival “Let’s Eat Charles Street” summed up exactly what it was. Charles Street was blocked from Saratoga to Mullberry Street on Saturday from noon to 5 p.m. During this time vendors made their way onto Charles Street to sell food and beverages for people walking through. Multiple Vendors attended the event including; A People United, Abacrombie, BanThai, Brewer’s Art, Caribou Coffee, Cazbar, Cyclops Books and Music, David and Dad’s, El Guapito, Grand Café, Howard’s of Mount Vernon, Lumbini, Maisy’s, Mick O’Shea’s, MV Fitness, Sammy’s Trattoria, Sascha’s, Spirits of Mount Vernon, The Helmand and The Woman’s Industrial Exchange.

I decided to try out a gyro from the Cazbar tent. This was my first gyro experience and might I say it will not be my last! The gyro I had was made with lamb wrapped in flat bread, glazed over with a sour cream/ tartar sauce dressing and topped with sautéed peppers and onions! MMM… deliciousness with every bite. The gyro, a drink and a side dish cost me less than $10 which was not bad at all in my opinion.

Unless you were starving and wanted to eat a lot of food I thought the event was a little bit on the dull side. There were only a few vendors there who were not selling food. A jewelry stand was set up and a childrens clothing stand. The Charm City Circulator crew was also there promoting the new Purple Line that starts in two weeks! The purple line will run from Federal Hill to Penn Station up Charles Street. There was also live music being played but the event did not capture my attention after my belly was full.

I thought it was a great way to market the local restaurants on Charles Street but wished there was more on the entertainment side. I would have loved for more shops to be a part of the event and sell clothes/books/furniture or anything they wanted! Oh well, at least I got my first Gyro out of the experience!

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One thought on “Let’s Eat Charles Street

  1. Kristen –
    HCSA appreciates your comments on LET’S EAT Charles Street. We could use your help and advice in planning our next event. Please get in touch. Our office is steps away – 312 N. Charles – or you can call me at 410-332-4144.

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