Best of Summer 2010… Baltimore Style!

Summer is almost here! The weather is warm, the sun is shining bright and there is plenty to do around Baltimore! Summer is my favorite season. Not only because my birthday falls in June, but because summer draws people out of their homes and out onto the streets! Summer also just makes you feel good overall! Every summer I tend to have the same routine. Work a lot, make a few Rita’s stops here and there and maybe head down to the beach for a weekend or two. This summer, I am committed to changing my routine.

I will be trying out a new activity, restaurant or event in Baltimore each week over the course of the summer. All of these events will be unique to Baltimore in some way. I am then going to come back and report on what I have experienced. I am calling this blog series “The BEST of Summer 2010…Baltimore style!”  Please feel free to comment on my experiences and make suggestions for places I should try next!

First Stop: Mt. Vernon

I recently moved to the Park Charles apartments located at the intersection of Charles and Saratoga. So far, I have no complaints for my new location and new apartment. Southern Management has been great and I feel right at home in my new space. I have come to realize that my favorite part about my new apartment is its location! I feel as if I have the best of both worlds by sitting on the border of Mt. Vernon and the Downtown district.

I haven’t spent much time out and about in Mt. Vernon so I decided to look for something to do in the area. I heard about the Mt. Vernon First Thursday concert series sponsored by WTMD so I thought I would check it out. I head up to the Washington Monument off of Charles Street and was shocked by the amount of people who were lounging in the park.

The stage was set up on the monument side of the park and people filled the grass with their lounge chairs and blankets. Most people packed up their coolers with snacks and beverages to kick back, relax and watch the concert. Speaking of the concert Can’t Hang performed while everyone was enjoying the outdoors. Vendors were set up from the surrounding businesses. I decided to stop at the Mic O’Sheas tent where I picked up and beef sandwich and corn on the cob sprinkled with old bay, truly Baltimore style.

The best part about the evening, the concert was FREE! Minus the cost of the food I chose to buy, the whole evening would have been free. Many people save money by packing snacks instead of buying from the vendors, definitely something I will do the next first Thursday.

For my first adventure in Baltimore this summer, I was nothing but pleased with the event. Great weather, good food and some music are the perfect way to close out a week. Don’t miss the next first Thursday in Mt. Vernon. WARNING: To get a spot on the grass I advise you get their earlier than 6:00 p.m.!

Stay tuned for more Best of Summer 2010… Baltimore Style!

Until next time…


Washington Monument!

Beef sandwhich and corn on the cob!

Can't Hang!


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