The Charm City Circulator holds true to its name!

This past weekend was the perfect opportunity to experience the awesomeness of Camden Yards!  Not only is it a beautiful ballpark, but the O’s swept the Sox for the first time since the Clinton adminstration!  And if you’ve been keeping with the disastrous April the O’s have been having lately, you know this was a much needed win!  Now that I live downtown, I have the opportunity to walk to different neighborhoods and attractions such as Camden Yards.  Why pay to park my 4 wheels when I got two legs, right?

Anyways on my way home, I started walking home on Pratt St with a flood of O’s fans who were super ecstatic about the much needed and deserved victory, and then I thought to myself, I could take the Charm City Circulator home!  The Charm City Circulator, herein referred to as CCC, has been around for a few months now and I still haven’t had the chance to ride it.  I’ve been talking about it, promoting it, advocating for it, but never officially stepped on the bus. 

I picked up the CCC from the stop in front of the Convention Center and it was definitely a short wait.  The Nextbus system that’s at every stop tells you when the bus is scheduled to arrive at that particular stop, which is perfect, so you don’t get overly ansy.  In general, you won’t wait more than 10 to 12 minutes for a bus, so they are definitely making great headways!  When I stepped on the bus, I was nicely greeted by the driver who was sporting a bright orange shirt (which perfectly goes with the branding and the logo!).  The buses are beautiful, well-maintained, and did I mention these are hybrid buses?!  It’s fabulous!  The bus runs on fuel when it’s going at a certain speed, and then when the driver hits the brake, the hybrid systems kicks into gear – pretty awesome!

The orange route, which is the only one of three currently in operation goes from Hollins Market to Harbor East.  The drive through Harbor East was absolutely beautiful and pleasant.  It was great to see people out and about and experiencing all the great attractions, restaurants, and really just experiencing Baltimore.  The CCC is honestly a great addition to Baltimore and it’s really what we need so we can be a cleaner, greener Baltimore and to promote the use of public transportation in this area.  I think one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned while working at Collegetown is that a shuttle bus is more than a bus and it’s more than just a vehicle for people to get around in – there’s also an economic development side to it.  Access to reliable public transportation attracts great businesses, encourages competition, raises property values, and raises a city’s visibility, which all lead to economic growth.

The CCC has already had well over 100,000 passengers ride the bus in a few short months.  I can’t imagine the impact the purple and green routes are going to have – I’m looking forward to it!

For more details on the Charm City Circulator and how to use it, please visit

For now, this is Ankur….



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