Getting a card for the Enoch Pratt Library

So now that I’ve transitioned to Baltimore City and am living life as a full-fledged city resident, it was only time for me to get my card for the Enoch Pratt Library.  While working at Collegetown, I”ve heard lots of events happening about the library and driven past the numerous branches, but never stepped inside.    Well, that all changed last Friday!  I got out of work early and had some time before the Central Branch on Cathedral St was going to shut down, so I thought I’d rush over and sign up for a library card and do a little exploring.

As soon as I walked in the branch, I was just in awe of how beautiful the library was.  The architecture of the building was in true Baltimore form – it had a historical style, but with a modern feel to it.  Honestly, it just feels like you enter this portal of knowledge and you just want to grab anything you can find and start learning new things.  The staff member who helped me sign up for my library card was  extremely courteous and super helpful in helping me navigate the branch.

In addition to checking out books, you can check out CDs for free, DVDs and VHS for a nominal price, experience Free Wi-Fi, and get 5 free printouts per day at the library.  Enoch Pratt Library even has a relationship with the Baltimore County Public Library system.  Let’s say you checked out a book at one of the county branches and you need to return it ASAP.   If the Enoch Pratt Library branch is a little closer to you, then you can surely return the book at one of their numerous branches.  They told me that they do shipments between the county and city branches several times a day – I’m pretty impressed!

In addition to having a great facility and great materials to check out, they have events going on throughout the year.  I remember during the “Year of the Poe”  they had events pretty much on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Last week I went to the Charles Theater and I saw a flyer on their desk for “Films at the Pratt”.   I was really excited to see they are playing “The Hangover”  on March 20th at 7:30 PM at the Central Branch (ahem, ahem….yes I know shameless plug!).

So “branch” out (haha… PUN INTENDED!) and stop in to see what the Enoch Pratt Library has to offer you.  I have the luxury of working from home once a week and I usually head on over to Barnes and Noble or Panera, but I think the Enoch Pratt might be my new working spot!

For more information about the Enoch Pratt Library and all its glory, visit

That’s all for now…until next time…this is Ankur…

Signing off!


2 thoughts on “Getting a card for the Enoch Pratt Library

  1. If you return a county book to Pratt, it isn’t counted as being returned to the county until it arrives at a county branch and is checked in there. And Pratt does not visit county branches “several times a day.” It would likely take at least a day, if not a few more, to get to a county branch. Just an FYI to anyone thinking they are returning a county book on time at a city branch. That isn’t the case, and extended loan fees will apply until the book arrives back at the county.

  2. What a nice post! I’d just like to point out that since this was written, the whole section on library cards and borrowing materials has been revamped and it’s easier to find information. There are special card privileges for teachers, young children, or visitors, for example.
    It’s all here:

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