Your new Charm City (FREE) ride is here!

Kristen here again! Yesterday was the official launch of the Charm City Circulator, otherwise known as the “CCC”. My fingers are crossed on this one. I truly hope this shuttle is used and is successful. Not only is it a great resource for residents and visitors, but even better it helps students! I remember when I first came to Towson, MD in 2005. I moved here from a suburban small town community and never took public transportation. Personally I think public transportation can be intimidating and scary if you have never ridden it before! I wish the CCC was running while I was still in school at Towson. I would have been much more inclined to explore the city knowing I had a FREE way of getting around!

As I stood at the launching ceremony I realized I have three wishes for the Charm City Circulator:

#1. I hope the Circulator is respected and well kept. There is nothing like stepping onto a brand new bus. It is clean, smells good and you’re not afraid to grab the pole attached to the roof if you have to stand. When things are free they tend to be less respected due to the lack of ownership and accountability. However, I hope the people of Baltimore realize what a great asset this shuttle is to our city and respect it as if it was your own car.

#2 I hope the Circulator encourages people to explore this great city! There are so many small boutiques and tiny cafes that are unique to Baltimore that are overlooked every day. It is so easy to get caught up in a routine that limits your exploration. (i.e. In college terms Panera Bread, Chipotle, Applebees… you get the picture) This shuttle service provides you with transportation to navigate your way through the city to find that hidden coffee shop in Mt. Vernon or that amazing pizza place in Little Italy! Get out of your comfort zone and jump on board.

#3. The last, but most important wish of mine, I hope STUDENTS use the Charm City Circulator. There are no more excuses allowed you now have an easy free ride! I have always regretted not exploring Baltimore sooner. As a student, Baltimore has some great things to offer. Camden Yards, Baltimore Museum of Art and The Washington Monument are only the start to the amazing attractions this city has. I hope students realize the significance and value this shuttle has to offer them in their four (or five) years at school.

I have included the Charm City Circulator link below so you can start planning your Baltimore tour! Start 2010 off the right way and jump on board 🙂

For more information about the Circulator click here!

Until next time… CIAO!


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