A Sushi Delight!

Hello Everyone! I am Kristen the new Student Outreach Assistant here at Baltimore Collegetown! I am recent (May 2009) graduate from Towson University. This past summer after graduation I became an official Baltimore City resident in my extremely small two bedroom apartment in Federal Hill. It seems that since moving downtown exploring Charm City has become a hobby of mine. I started poking around my own neighborhood first and realized I did not have to travel far to find awesome shops, amazing food and great convenience.

I would like to share with you today a hidden secret that sits in the heart of Federal Hill. Well, I guess it’s not THAT little considering it is a block long! Ladies and Gentlemen I welcome you to the Cross Street Market. Now, maybe it’s because I am new to the city and not familiar with the different markets but finding this place was like opening a present on Christmas morning! Not only does this market have fresh produce, scrumptious baked goods and a raw oyster stand but it has one of the best kept secret sushi restaurants in Baltimore.

Nick’s Seafood is located at the end (or begging depending on which way you came in) of the market on the Charles street side. It is one of those places where you almost feel intimidated if you haven’t eaten there before but don’t panic! If entering from the Charles street side slowly make your way over to the front left hand stand and sit on a stool or a picnic table to start your sushi adventure. You will need to pick up an order slip and pen on your way to sit down but don’t worry you will see lots of them sitting on the bar or on your table! Once you make your selection on the sushi you want to order kindly walk up to the counter and hand your slip in. The workers are all very kind and will help you if you have any questions. The one recommendation I would make is the Spicy Tuna Roll. If you like a little kick to your sushi this will surely do it for you!

WARNING: Sushi is never a cheap dinner! That’s why I advise to make a trip to Nick’s Seafood on Monday. Why, you ask? It’s HALF PRICE SUSHI DAY! You could definitely order dinner for two for under $20 here (on a Monday of course).

SECOND WARNING: The market closes at 6:00 PM on most days! So make sure you get down there before they close up shop for the day!

Sushi is only one small delight the Cross Street Market has to offer. So if you are heading downtown for the evening, trying to find somewhere to eat before a Ravens game or you just had a terrible Monday head to Cross Street Market and discover one of Baltimore’s hidden treasures!

Until next time… CIAO!

Cross Street Market's entrance on the Light Street side.


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