$1 Tacos in Fell’s

In addition to variety being  the spice of life, I would say spontaneity also helps out a bunch!  Late afternoon, I got a text from one of my colleagues at the College of Notre Dame about $1 Taco Night at Alexander’s Tavern in Fell’s Point.  I was extremely intrigued by this proposition!  Who says McDonald’s is the king of the dollar menu!  After a long day in the office, I came home, changed into some comfortable “going out” clothes and drove on over to Fell’s (I should have been more green friendly and walked there, but oh well!)

I stepped into Alexander’s Tavern and it was definitely a happenin’ kinda place.  It’s so funny because I’ve probably passed by the place dozens of times either running past it with my girlfriend or on a late night out with my buds, yet I’ve never bothered to step in and check the place out.  It was a reasonable sized establishement with  people at the bar downing $1 hardshell tacos.  It’s apparently a weekly affair where bar-goers compete to see who can down the most amount of beef tacos!  Luckily enough, I don’t eat beef, so I had to toss my hat out of the ring!  I was with several of my colleagues, chattin’t it up over a couple of margaritas, and watching Alexander’s enthusiasts compete and take the title of taco king.  Two of my colleagues ate a dozen taco each and trust me they didn’t look too good after eating them.  One of my dearest friends ate 9 and a half (not giving her the 10!) tacos and trust me she’s a tiny little thing (GO SIBYL!). 

However, 12 tacos is nothing!  My colleagues didn’t come close to the guy who took the coveted title and took home the sombrero!  The guy who consumed the most tacos was a young fireman and you’re not going to believe this, but he ate……..DRUMROLL PLEASE……29 TACOS!!!  At the end of the night, he was still standing, doing fine, and sauntered his way out of the bar with his girl in hand a winning sombrero on his head!  I got an update from one of my colleagues the next day and she said he was totally fine the next day and was running his daily 5 mi the next day…talk about a true trooper!

Yeah, I was satisfied with half price chicken quesadillas 🙂  So the lesson is….eat 29 tacos and win a sombrero….haha…jk!

Step out, branch out, and try something new…I’m sure it will be worth it!  Visit Alexander’s Tavern website to check out their full list of weekly specials:  http://www.alexanderstavern.com/

For now, this is Ankur…

Signing off…


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