Battle of the Baltimore Breakfast hotspots!

Wow, it’s definitely been a while since we’ve put anything out there, so let’s get down to it, shall we?!

I’ve been living downtown for a couple of months and I’ve been really enjoying it!  I live in Little Italy and there are big pluses to living in that area- first and foremost, accessibility.  I have easy access to my fave neighborhoods in Baltimore.  I can easily walk to Fell’s, Harbor East, and the Inner Harbor area.  If I’m feeling super ambitious, I could definitely walk to Canton as well.  Now having access to these great neighborhoods, means of course, that I have access to great restaurants (And if you know me, you know I really like food…haha!) 

I’m really big  on having a solid, nutritious breakfast.  It’s one of those meals that I could have anytime of the day – can never go wrong with french toast, eggs, and hash browns (oooh, my mouth is watering as I write this…).  Now, I have been hearing about these great breakfast places in Baltimore, so I’ve been venturing out on the weekends and trying them all.   Below is a quick analysis of three breakfast hotspots:  Helen’s Garden, Miss Shirley’s Cafe, and Blue Moon Cafe. 

Helen’s Garden 
My colleague from Notre Dame and I started doing monthly breakfasts around Baltimore.  We thought it would be cool for us to get together to chat about life, work, love, wild and out Baltimore nights….whatever comes up.  Our first monthly breakfast was back in October on a Saturday morning at Helen’s Garden in Canton Square.  Helen’s Garden has a real nice setup:  when you enter through the main entrance, you’re kind of entering through the little alley way that’s between two rowhouses.  When you go left you head into the dining area, and when you go to the right, you enter the bar side.  When I walked into the dining area, I totally understood why it’s a Baltimore favorite.  My colleague, Michelle, ordered the Pumpkin Pancakes (which were amazing!) and I took the simple route and ordered french toast and eggs.  Helen’s Garden prides itself on using fresh ingredients, and I must say, it’s reflected in the food.  It’ s not just a breakfast spot, so you can go there and check out other entrees they have.  They have incredible specials throughout the week, so definitely pay close attention to those!

Pros:  Location, Price, Quality of food, Incredible food specials
Cons: Space is somewhat of an issue, so I can definitely see how it may be difficult to get a spot during peak times, but really, it’s worth it!
Ideal person to go with: Definitely a date night or a meal with a close friend
Other comments:  Service was spot on and the vast menu selection caters to all taste buds! 

Blue Moon Cafe
Michelle and I continued our monthly breakfast and went to Blue Moon Cafe on Aliceanna St.  Now from the reviews I read online, the common theme was “it’s really small” and I was  thinking to myself well there are few restaurants in the city that are large in size.  Yeah, when we walked in, I definitely believed the reviews!  There were a few round tables and a “bar” that could accomodate a couple extra people.  Overall, I think the restaurant could accomodate probably 25 to 30 people, max, at one time.  

Pros:  Captain Crunch French Toast!
Cons:  Space…we waited 40 minutes for a table on a Saturday afternoon, but it’s worth the wait
Ideal person to go with:  Hangover buddy, date, maybe family
Other comments:  Try the CAPTAIN CRUNCH FRENCH TOAST!  They are only open to from 7 AM to 3:30 PM, so you if you want to avoid any wait time, I would go really early or late. 

Miss Shirley’s Cafe 

Now if you’re from Baltimore, you know Miss Shirley’s is an amazing Baltimore restaurant and widely familiar in the area.  They have two locations – one on Cold Spring in the Roland Park area and a new one down at the Inner Harbor.  Normally, you have to wait  a solid 40 mins for this place as well, but my girlfriend and I definitely went later in the day and got lucky.  The weather was absolutely amazing yesterday in Baltimore and everyone, of course, was out and about walking in the Harbor enjoying the warm November day.  They have pretty outdoor seating as well, so many Baltimoreans took advantage of the rays and dined outside.  Everything is a sure fire hit at Miss Shirley’s.  I’m into my fall flavors, so I double dared myself and ate the French Toast stuffed with Pumpkin Cheesecake filling.  When the server brought it over to us, my jaw just dropped.  The challah french toast was stacked high on my plate with a raspberry compote, graham cracker crumbs, and fresh whipped cream garnishing my plate.  I was hungry, so I definitely killed it, and it was rather satisfying.

Pros:  location, food, service, fresh ingredients, menu selection
Cons:  Wait time….like I said, it’s worth it!
Ideal person to go with:  Anyone – very family friendly
Comments: Same as Blue Moon – if you want to avoid the wait, go early or go late

So I guess you must be wondering, which one is the best?  And the answer is….They are all equally delicious!  It really depends what you’re in the mood for.  I feel Miss Shirley’s and Helen’s Garden have a more gourmet twist to breakfast, while Blue Moon is what you would want after a long night of partying.  If you are a fan of breakfast fan, like I am, you won’t be disappointed by any of these places. 

Send us your favorite breakfast hotspots and join the discussion!

Till next time, this is Ankur…

Signing off…..


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