Tackling the King of Cheese and other yummy treats at Petit Louis

In order from lightest to darkest, the beers are the Southern Tier 422, Weyerbacher Zotten, Censored, and Milk Stout

In order from lightest to darkest, the beers are the Southern Tier 422, Wachbeyer Zotten, Censored, and Milk Stout

When we heard that one of Baltimore’s nicest French Bistros, Petit Louis, held weekly Beer Flights the question quickly became: when can we go? And go we did. On July 28, a group of us headed over to the darling French restaurant. When we arrived at 5pm, the restaurant was empty. No matter — all the more attention that could be lavished upon us. Gathering around the ceramic-tiled bar, we listened patiently as the bartender explained how a Beer Flight worked: tasters get 3oz. to sample of all four beers. After tasting, smelling, lingering and challenging each other to see who can identify all the “tasting notes” correctly, you get to choose which beer you would like to drink a whole bottle of. The evening’s favorites were the Zotten and Milk Stout. Those participating would have the four beers of the month (then July’s) poured out in 3 oz. snippets with information about each brew’s name, producer, style and tasting notes. The four we tried were:

Southern Tier 422, an American Pale Wheat Ale. This beer was very light and had a hint of banana to its taste.
Weyerbacher Zotten, a Belgium Pale Ale. Darker than the Southern Tier, the Zotten tasted “very Belgium” and floral.
Lagunitas Censored, a Red Ale. The darkest brew so far, the Censored had a fruity smoothness to it.
Lancaster Milk Stout, a sweet stout. This was popular dark brew had notes of coffee to match its color.

Don’t think the evening was all about the beer because, as always at Petit Louie, the food was a hit. We ate off the bar menu, but the regular dinner menu was available too. From the pommes frites to the batter-dipped zucchini slices, at only $5 the little plates were a great complement to the beer. But the crowning jewel of the bar menu was the cheese cart. Having to select 2 cheese off of a cart containing at least 15 different types of cheese made from goat’s, sheep’s and cow’s milk. The fromagerie described the tastes, textures and procedures for each individual type, which ranged from the “King of Cheeses” brie to one so smelly it was stored in a special box.

Overall, the night was a gastronomical success!

Petit Louie holds Beer Flights Mon-Fri from 5-9pm each week. The beers rotate each month; August is a selection of local beers. For more information, see the restaurant’s website at: http://www.petitlouis.com/

More adventures to come,



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