Mari Luna Grille is over the moon!!

Now I’ve expressed in several of my previous blog posts about the lackluster dining options in the Pikesville and Owings Mills area.  I came across a couple of really good restaurants recently, and since roomie bonding time was well overdue, I decided to go out with my bud Patrick.  We were debating between Harryman House and Mari Luna Latin Grille.  Based on the title of the post, it is safe to assume we choose Mari Luna. 

Mari Luna Latin Grille (the Mexican Grille is a hop, skip, and jump away) is located in downtown Pikesville off Reisterstown Rd adjacent to Suburban Club of Baltimore.  The restaurant is pretty easy to find and there’s plenty of parking options – street parking or the lot in front of the restaurant.  They even have  a free valet service which is “so extra” but hey if you need it, use the service!

The restaurant is beautifully decorated and true to the Latin culture.  It has a very open floor plan with plenty of seating, even for larger parties.  It was still happy hour, so I walked back to the bar to meet Patrick.  It was definitely a rough day for the both of us, so a couple of Dos Equis was deemed necessary.  The bar was nicely setup with smoky colored granite countertops and comfortable chairs (not like the ones you sit on at Don Pablo’s!).  We got to chattin’ a little bit and then we were offered the option of going upstairs and sitting outside. 

 Yesterday was  absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t resist.  We worked out way up the stairs and walked to the rooftop deck and it was amazing.  The view of a trafficky Reisterstown Rd wasn’t necessarily appealing, but being on a roof, enjoying the breeze, drinking and dining, was super fabulous!  While we were waiting for our food, we each got a piece of this amazing fluffy bread.  It had the texture of a croissant but in sort of shaped like a bunch of broccoli.  It was accompanied by this nacho cheesy butter.  I think the description says it all….it was DAMN GOOD!  The only thing I was upset about was they took both of our breads away before we finished them.

Soon enough our food arrived – I ordered the Quesadilla con Angrejo (crabmeat) while Pat ordered the Chicken Caribeno.  We were both extremely satisfied with  our entrees…the flavors were there, the portions were good, service was solid, and it didn’t put a dent in our wallets!

I’m glad I finally found a Mexican/Latin restaurant other Don Pablos’ within close proximity of my apartment.  Not to mention, it can be a great hangout spot for family, friends, or that special someone!  After last night’s experience, I’ll surely be a frequent visitor at Mari Luna.  Next time, I’ll  jump over to the Mexican grille and see what they have to offer me 🙂

They have a pretty cool website…check it out:

For now, this is Ankur….

Signing off…


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