Pickled Parrot is my spot!

I just finished my first season with the BSSC last week on a bittersweet note – although we lost in the playoffs, my team – a 15 seed – held our own against a 2 seed team.  Now of course we need a chill spot for before and/or after our games; about 95% of the time we waddled ourselves over to Pickled Parrot located off Elliott St in Canton. 

We were regulars after our Wednesday night games and we always started off the night with a few pitchers of Miller Lite.  In addition to great prices on post-game beverages, they have a pretty impressive menu.  They have pretty good wraps, sandwiches, salad, and a lot of crab inspired dishes (of course!).   I had the  opportunity to eat there a couple of times and it is some of the best bar food I’ve had in a while. 

The first time I ate there I ordered a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.  It definitely had a nice kick to it and it tasted even better with the generous portion of fries they gave.  These weren’t your typical fries either.  Let’s just say if they sold these in McDonald’s, Burger King could not debate whose fries are better…haha!!!  I can’t believe I’m talking so highly of fries, but they were just so durn good – nice and crispy and authentically potatoey!  When I ate there last week, I shared a crab dip with one of my teammates.  They served the crab dip with chips and honestly i prefer bread with it, cuz hello Bread, Crab, and beer…yum!  It was definitely on the cheesy side, which is always a plus!  The crab dip here was good, but I still think the best I’ve had is at Bertha’s. 

At the end of the night when we’re pulling out cash or in my case Mr. Visa, none of us are really breaking the bank.  Pickled Parrot is definitely a nice little hangout spot in Canton with affordable food and drinks.  Space is a little tight in the Parrot, but they do have a nice outdoor seating area, which I would like to take advantage as of as summer in Baltimore creeps up on us.  So if you’re up for something different and want to get away from the overrated happenings in Canton Square, trek on over to Pickled Parrot and you won’t be disappointed!

For now, this is Ankur…

Signing off….


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