Angelo’s Pizza in Hampden

I always love hanging out in Hampden – up to this point I haven’t had a bad experience there!  I’ve been to Cafe Hon, Holy Frijoles, and Golden West Cafe.  A friend of mine who lives in Hampden recommended Angelo’s Pizza, which she stated as the best pizza in Baltimore.  I’ve heard so much debate over the best pizza in Baltimore – some people say it’s Matthew’s, some say Michelangelo’s.  I felt compelled to try this for myself. 

I love working at the College of Notre Dame, because we’re in such good location – close to downtown Towson and close to hotspots in Charles Village, Hampden, and Midtown.  I strolled on over to Angelo’s Pizza in Hampden and not going to lie it doesn’t look too glamorous from the outside, but don’t let the exterior fool you!  I went inside and I took a look at the menu and on the front it says “The World’s Largest Slice of Pizza.”  In the back of my mind, I was like seriously “How big can it be?”  Being the cocky individual I can be, I ordered a slice of cheese with olives, garlic bread, and a soda.  The total came to about $9, which I think is reasonable for a lunch in the city. 

I walked on over to my table and I noticed a couple of  people eating their slices of pizza and my eyes instantly bugged out of their sockets.  Each slice is a good 14″ in length.  The pizza is served in a large piece of aluminum foil sitting on two paper plates ( you definitely need two, because one plate couldn’t that monstrous slice!)  If you’re not too health conscious or you’re just out having lunch to indulge yourself then you won’t mind the little extra grease, however, if you’re trying to get that summer beach bod you might have a slight problemo!  The garlic bread was very flavorful as well….the only thing is I couldn’t finish all of it since the pizza was so big! 

So, it is true what they say….don’t judge a book by its cover, because if you do, you won’t have the opportunity to discover gems like Angelo’s Pizza!

For now,

This is Ankur…

Signing off…


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