Annapolis – A Great Day-Trip Locale

If you’re looking for a great place to get away for the day, look no further than Annapolis. We recently ventured to our waterfront neighbor in Southern Maryland on the first seemingly warm day of spring and thoroughly enjoyed our visit. If you’re looking for quirky shops and eateries and food shops located at enough frequency to break anyone’s diet, then Annapolis is the place to go.


With its cobblestone brick streets, and brick buildings lined with grandiose white columns, Annapolis is a picturesque city on its waterfront location. Seriously any building or street makes for a great photo op. After parking near the Visitor Center and taking a scenic walk around to see the State House and its many corresponding buildings, we headed down Main Street Annapolis to take in a great afternoon of sunshine.


If you walk the entire length of Main Street you can actually walk right up to the water’s edge. This little inlet welcomes boaters who bring their boats right up to the sidewalk and land-lubbers can talk to these sea-faring folks. There is a large patio-like feel to the water’s edge as well, as there is plenty of room to walk around and sit by the water and relax.


What’s great about Main Street Annapolis is that it is like a more posh version of the beach’s Boardwalk. The streets are lined with quirky shops, and little boutiques, featuring the unusual to the trendy. You’ll also find dozens of restaurants and eateries, each with their own unique flare. From sushi, to Italian, to American, and all with a heavy dose of seafood, you won’t go hungry no matter what kind of food you’re craving. Plus, many of these restaurants included bar areas that lit up once the sun started to dip, making this a great place to spend not only a great sunny afternoon, but a nightcap as well. (Not to mention Annapolis features its very own Ram’s Head complete with a Ram’s Head On Stage that features live music and draws celebrity performers.) One of the things we loved about Main Street was all the home-made food shops. There were ice cream parlors and fudge shops, and a chocolate store featuring every kind of snack you could imagine dipped in chocolate.


Overall, our day in Annapolis was great. The outdoor stroll along the waterfront, the quick stops at the ice cream store and trendy boutique, dining along the waterfront while enjoying delicious seafood – it was all wonderful. We highly recommend checking out our neighbors to the Southeast on the next Spring-like day. We’re sure you’re bound to find this your new favorite getaway locale.


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