Thai Landing – big mistake!

Last Friday was definitely a productive day off.  I started off my morning with the basic errands, hit the gym, did a little baking, and then I drove into the city for a lunch with a friend.  Unfortunately, this friend cancelled on me two minutes before our scheduled time.   We were supposed to go Thai Landing, obviously a Thai restaurant, located off Charles St near University of Baltimore.  I was going to back out on the Thai and go to Soups On! which I’ve been meaning to try for the longest time.  I walked into Soups On! and I was like nah, I’m kind of a Thai mood.  Looking back on the experience, I wish I stayed at Soups on!

When I first walked into the restaurant, I got a really good vibe from it.  The decor and ambiance were pretty authentic, old-fashioned, featuring basic dining furniture.  When I saw three people in the restaurant, I started getting a little skeptical…I was like Oh lordy!  I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt and say ehh it’s the economy.  Now I realize the economy has nothing to do with the performance of the restaurant, it’s really just the food!

After browsing through the various selections, I tried something simple – Pad Thai Tofu.  The food came out rather quickly, probably because no one was really there.  I was a little amazed at the small portion size, but it turned out to be the perfect amount.  I ordered this particular entree because I wanted some Steamed Rice with the entree.  I didn’t get my steamed rice so I told the person in charge that I didn’t receive the rice.  Her response “It doesn’t come with it.”  Clearly on the menu it stated entrees come with steamed rice.  The manager responded back, “Oh, that is a mistake, but I will give it to you.”  Yeah, eventually I got my rice but that’ s a pretty big mistake to make on a menu and I doubt I’m the only one who’s ever pointed it out. 

Anyways, back to the food.  When I’ve had Thai food in the past, I’ve experienced rich, bold, vibrant flavors that tickled my palate.  That was definitely not the case this time.  Tofu is pretty bland in its uncooked state and you have to add some garnish, sauce, marinade to elevate the dish.  At Thai Landing, all they did was pan fry the tofu without adding a thing!  The noodles were dry and lacked any texture or flavor.  I was pretty heated during lunch and I gobbled my food up.  As soon as I got the check, I paid and stormed out.

Next time, I will trust my instincts.  Normally, I’m pretty open to going back to a restaurant if I didn’t have a positive experience the first time around, but there’s always an exception to the rule!  If you want quality Thai, make the trip down to Bank st and go to Lemongrass or Thai One An in Towson.

For now, this is Ankur…

Signing off…


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