Delighted by Indigma

Last year when I celebrated my birthday with my Collegetown colleagues, I ventured out into Harbor East and ate at Taco Fiesta.  This year, I wanted another solid experience but in a different part of town.  I’ve really enjoyed my culinary experiences in Mt. Vernon, so I selected something in that area:  Indigma.  I was actually going to have dinne there with my friends, but I was a little hesitant since I read some mixed reviews. 

I decided to not listen to other reviews and make my own.  We ventured out on a cold Wednesday afternoon to Indigma and I must say it was worth the trip.  Indigma is locataed in the same building as Donna’s and Thairish.  For those of you who are familiar with that area, Indigma used to be known as Saffron.  I was instantly impressed with the decor of the restaurant.  The decor stayed true to the Indian culture with its rich, vibrant colors, but at the same time, infused contemporary Western influences. 

Indigma, which sounds damn cool to begin with, offers a table side lunch buffet.  You have the option of going the vegetarian route, non-veg, or combo.  While we were waiting for our buffet to arrive , we were encouraged to check out the appetzier table.  The appetizer table featured a leafy green salad, a garbanzo bean salad, pickled onion relish, a spicy coriander chutney, a sweet tamarind chutney, and papad. 

As we were slurping down the last bit of our salads, our entrees arrived.  The tableside buffet was brought out in this long rectangular plate with six adequate samplings of each the dishes they offered.  I truly got a well-rounded experience:  daal, cashew chicken, chicken masala, aloo gobi (cauliflower and potatoes), rice, and an eggplant curry.  Now of course, this delectable meal came with piping hot plain naan with a glaze of butter for taste. 

At first I was a little skeptical of the conept of a tableside buffet – I mean what if you don’t like the kind of things they have.  When I picture a buffet, I picture this big table with trays of food and people standing in a line waiting to get their share.  This concept is better because it allows you to really try everything, stay in your seat, and converse with whoever you’re eating with.  There was also a nice balance to the food – dry vs. curried vegetables, light vs heavy texture, and savory/spicy vs. sweet. 

I was most impressed with the chicken dishes, which I would absolutely get if I went there for dinner.  I wasn’t the only one who left with a smile on their face and their appetites fulfilled – my coworkers had a pleasant time as well.  So, if you’re in the neighborhood next time, I highly encourage you to check out this place.  Don’t listen to other reviews – I’m Indian…I know good Indian food when  I taste it!

For now, this is Ankur…

Signing off….


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