Bateman’s was somewhat of a Birthday bust :(

I’ve heard from one my acquaintances that Bateman’s is a great fun place for happy hour.  The appetizers are half off and rail drinks are 2 for 1, and of course cheap beer!  I turned 25 on Tuesday (happy birthday to me…) so I decided to kick off the festivities with a happy hour at Bateman’s in Towson.  I’ve been to Bateman’s a couple of times for dinner and wasn’t super impressed, but I thought let’s try something different.

The place was packed, which is always a plus.  Sometimes it is nice to go out to a bar and there’s not a whole lot of people, so you can really unwind from the work day, but in this situation the more the merrier!  In addition to the environment, I would say the biggest plus was that it was cheap.  Rail drinks were 2 for 1 and my friend got a Sam Adams for$2.25…holla!

The two  negatives:  service and my crab-less crab pretzel.  The waitress we had was kinda crass and not very attentive.  I understand it was somewhat packed, but she kind of looked like her dog just died or something.  I was told by people for years that their crab pretzel is really good, yeah….not really.  Normally, I go to Greene Turtle and get crab dip, which is great, but this hardly had any dip.  If I wanted a pretzel, I could have gone to Taste of Philly up the street. 

Would I give Bateman’s another try?  Sure….cheap drinks and there are plenty of other starters I could get for half price.  However, if there’s a pattern with the service and food I might stop. 

For now, this is Ankur….

Signing off…


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