Tapas Teatro and the Charles Theater

Being the huge movie buff that I am, last night I went to see a free screening of Revolutionary Road at the Charles Theater.  I got there about 45 minutes early and instead of filling myself up on junk food at the concession stand, I dared to be adventurous and walked into Tapas Teatro.  Obviously from the name of the restaurant, you can figure out what they serve.  I’ve been to a tapas place before (ahem, ahem Pazo’s) and I never really understood the appeal of it.  Since I’m a tall guy with a large appetite who likes to get value for what I pay for, the thought of paying money for dainty little portions is a little foreign to me.   Regardless, I put my reservations aside to try something new. 

I walked in through the little doorway connecting the theater and the restaurant and made my way through the dimly lit restaurant.  I saw a bar to the left and made my way to a stool.  I started off with a nice cold Estrella – yup it was one of those days.  I looked through the tapas menu and they had amazing creations which were too hard to pass up.  I honestly had no intention of eating a whole lot there, but I succumbed to the temptation.  The server recommend the Marinated Chicken with Cumin Mayonnaise and that was definitely one of the best chicken dishes I’ve had in a while!  The flavors in the mayonnaise and marinated chicken complemented each other really well – I could eat that dish all the time.  I was floored by the first dish, so I obviously had to order another one.  I’ve recently acquired the taste of eating crabmeat, so I order the crabmeat and spinach dish.  What I envisioned the dish to be, wasn’t exactly what was served.  I envisioned more of a crab and spinach dip, but instead of it was chunks of crabmeat tossed in cooked spinach.  I must say the presentation surely didn’t live up to the taste!

I settled my check and walked out with my Ayinger beer into the theater (yes you can take alcohol into the movie theater!) and sat down to watch “one of the year’s best films!”  I’ve always enjoyed going to the Charles Theater.  The ticket price isn’t ridiculous like those chain theaters AMC and Regal, nor do they rip you off at the concessions, and they play critically acclaimed films that people should watch.  Not to mention, it’s near a lot of great restaurants! 

Like many other area attractions/places in Baltimore, the Charles has so much rich history associated with it.  The structure is over a century old and served as a cable car barn, house barn, and a library for the blind.  In the late 1930s, the venue was called the Times Theater and became Baltimore’s first all-newsreel movie house.  The movie house was renamed the Charles in the late 1950s and remained a single screen theater until 1999.  Now the Charles Theater features 5 screens,  and a lobby area to relax in before the show.   If you’re huge a movie buff like I am, check out Cinema Sundays:  http://www.cinemasundays.com/.  Basically you have a light breakfast, watch a movie, then have a discussion about the film after the movie. 

See, you learn someting new every day!

For now, this is Ankur…

Signing off…


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