Ravens dominated the Skins at M&T Bank Stadium

Wow, what a game last night!  Now I work for a great nonprofit in Baltimore (Go COLLEGETOWN!) and I live in Baltimore County, but I grew up in Montgomery County (go MOCO!) so my heart belongs to the Washington Redskins (even though they really sucked last night!).  I went to a Redskins game earlier this year at FedEx Field which was great, but last night’s Battle of the Beltway was super important.  Last night was the first time my Dad attended a sporting event – it was a dream come true!  Although the Redskins didn’t perform all that well, it was great to enjoy the experience  with the pops. 

I’ve never been inside M&T Bank Stadium, so that was a great experience in itself.  I’ve only volunteered there as a ticket scanner, so it was much better to sit down and watch the game.  The below freezing temps didn’t get keep Baltimoreans from joining together to show their Ravens spirit.  As I was driving around to find parking, swarms of people were in the lots and getting all excited about the game.  I honestly didn’t think a whole lot of people would show up to tailgating, but much to my surprise the lots were quite full. 

By the time I found a spot and made it our section, it was time to see the players come out.  The excitement in that stadium was super intense!   I was up in the 500 level, so I got a nice view of what was going down below.  Most of the Ravens fans were on their feet rooting on the players as they made their way onto the field.  I saw purple jerseys everywhere!  I’ve never seen so many guys in purple before…lol!   Among the sea of purple Ravens jerseys, I saw specks of Redskins jerseys trying to shine through. 

The Ravens made some impressive plays in the first quarter, whih led to a 14-0 score.  I personally am not that impressed with Flacco.  A lot of the times the announcer would say, “Flacco’s pass to _______ was incomplete”.  Seriously, if I got a nickel for everytime the announcer said that, well I’d be recession proof!  I believe Jason Campbell had better stats for the night, but that’s a different story. 

The Redskins did come back in the second half with a stronger offense.  There were stupid penalties up the wazoo, which caused Redskins to miss out on some great opportunities.  The Redskins did fumble in the second half which gave me some hope.  Unfortunately, the Redskins couldn’t shake the 14 point deficit.  The last touchdown that Ravens scored irritated me the most. 

Yeah, I’m upset that Redskins lost, but I’m also happy the Ravens won!  It’s a great morale booster for the city.  I’m glad Baltimore gets some positive press, instead of people just thinking we’re this old, crime ridden city.  We got some good stuff going on!

Anyways, if you have a chance to go to a Ravens game, I highly recommend it!  Personally, I will wait till next season because I can’t sit through another chilly night like that!  I’ll give my props to the Ravens – they were well deserved – but I will always be a Redskins fan!

For now…this is Ankur…

Signing off…


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