Lighting of the Washington Monument – a great Baltimore tradition!

Hello Baltimore!

I’m keeping up with my mission of exploring new things in Baltimore and I thought why not go to the lighting of the Washington Monument in Mount Vernon.  A lot of people don’t know this, but the Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon is truly the original.  It was a great celebration last Thursday night – there was some live music going on while we were anxiously awaiting the infamous lighting/fireworks show.   Traffic around the Walters Art Museum was definitely a problem, but it was definitely worth it.

People of all ages braced the cold to be a part of the Baltmore tradition.  The lighting was scheduled for 7 PM, but it was more like 7:20.   I guess Baltimore works on their own time zone – Baltimore Standard Time (BST)…no?  LOL!  JK!  After much anticipation, the countdown began!  10-9-8…I was thinking oh my god it felt like a New Year’s eve countdown…7-6-5….the anticipation was building….4-3-2…I felt the excitement….1!!! 

Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!  The monument was absolutely beautiful!  I never get tired of watching a lights display.  You know when you see garlands of lights everywhere that the holiday season is officially underweigh and everyone (well, almost everyone) gets in the holiday spirit!  Once the lights came on and everyone said their ooh and ahhs, the intense firework display began.  I was standing in front of the status in Mt. Vernon, so I was pretty close to the action…maybe a little too close!  I think I got a little startled since I was so close to the fireworks, but after that passed, I just took in the atmosphere and watched the great show.  The fireworks display went on for about ten minutes and once it ended, a lot of people headed back to their cars or stuck around the Mt. Vernon area. 

Mt. Vernon is a great area to check out – it’s near the Walters, great shops, and excellent restaurants!  Next time you’re in the mood to go into the city and debating between Fell’s and Canton, say no to both, and branch out and go to Mt. Vernon.  If you’re not too familiar, that’s OK, just visit this website:  In no time, you’ll go from a novice to a Mt. Vernon expert!

Well Baltimoreans, that’ s all for now…..

This is Ankur…

Signing off…


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