Dinner at On the Border

A new shopping center popped up in the Ellicott City/Columbia region a while back and with it came some brand new restaurants to the area. One of these restaurants was “On the Border” a great Mexican chain establishment. And being the huge Margarita fans we are, we decided we would head over and see what we thought of this locale.


We were greeted at the door with a throng of people – the place was packed! A lively crowd had gathered inside, and though there was a line to wait for a table, people were enjoying themselves crowding around the bar and checking out the tvs. Our group decided to sit bar side as we knew we were going to be trying out some drinks, but we did take a look around the dining room area which looked spacious and just as bright and cheery as the bar side.


We got there just in time to enjoy our first drink at Happy Hour prices and so we ordered the House Margaritas. (The Happy Hour drink choices are somewhat limited – but after that get ready for some tough decision making as they have the most unique Margarita drink creations and tons of different ones to choose from.) The drinks came back and were HUGE! We’re talking three times the size you get at more upscale restaurants downtown. They were also amazingly delicious – strong enough to make you feel it, but not too strong where you would have trouble drinking it down. Plus, as we are such Margarita fans, we’ve had our fair share – and these by far were some of the best, if not the best – we’ve ever had! And with such a large drink size, we ended up saving money by not having to order so many drinks to satisfy our craving. Later in the evening we ordered another round, but this time we ordered a Swirl Margarita – a combination of Sangria and frozen House blend. This was something we had never heard of before but we thought we’d give it a shot. And trust us, we were glad we did.


The food here was great, though portion sizes were waaay too huge for one person to possibly finish. Our group ordered a variety of treats to try and overall the satisfaction level for everyone’s order was pretty high. The queso was delicious (and completely devoured by the end of the night), and the taco salad had more Mexican flavor to it than most. The burrito platter was delivered hot and steamy and perfectly full of melty cheeses. The only real complaint was the nachos appetizer dish which came with a ring of nacho chips, with each one smothered in the toppings. This cuts down on the actual number of nachos you get, plus we much prefer a plate piled high with chips and the toppings smothered all over the top. Overall though we’d give the food a B+ and it definitely would keep us coming back.


On the Border, a growing HotSpot in the Gateway Overlook section of Ellicott City, was a great place for a Friday night dinner outing. The Margaritas are to die for, and the food is delicious. This definitely has become our new favorite Mexican chain, and we will be going back for more Margarita nights.




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