Fells Point GhostWalk fails to be “Spooktacular”

We’ve often heard people talk of the Original Fells Point GhostWalk. They’ve been in service for years and they’ve received good reviews from most news outlets. And being the huge fans of Halloween that we are, we decided that October would be the perfect time to go looking for ghosts, so we decided to check out the Fells Point GhostWalk this weekend. We have to say we were super-hyped for the tour, and our friends from out of town were also psyched about the potential for some good ghost sightings. However, the GhostWalk left us sorely disappointed.

The tour leaves from Max’s on Broadway (a really great brewery we highly recommend) and costs $15 at the door. Our group got there right in time (tickets are on sale from 6:30pm – 7:00pm when the first tour leaves), so we were the last tour out for the night, departing at around 7:30.

Without giving away too much of the tour, we will tell you that at no point did we see any ghosts or get to go inside any place that was haunted. The “Ghostwalk” is more of a historical walking tour, with stories of hauntings that have occurred in various locations throughout Fells Point. This potentially could have made for an equally great tour (though we do have to say we would still have been disappointed we didn’t get to go inside any buildings), but the stories were told in too juvenile a manner, and didn’t pack the scary punch you’d find during a ghost story around the campfire. Plus, with the loud music blaring from the bars in the area, and people constantly screaming at us from the sidewalk, we needed a more engaging story to keep us entertained.

To the GhostWalk’s credit, they never advertise that they will be bringing you into any haunted places so that really was our misunderstanding, and trying to tell a scary story over the blaring sounds of Rihanna and Britney Spears is quite a challenge. But, we feel like they missed a chance to give us the creepy tour we had craved by creating too cheesy a dialogue and not playing up the spook factor.

Overall the tour left us feeling more bored than spooked, and while we did find a few interesting places to go investigate on our own later in the night, no place left us feeling like we were actually somewhere that was haunted.


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