Michael Phelps treks along York Rd

Baltimore has recently gotten some major press (good press…finally!) courtesy of our great swimmers who dominated in the Summer Olympics in Beijing.  When we mean great swimmers, we especially mean the best olympian of all time, Michael Phelps! 

On Saturday, October 4th, the Parade of Gold took place on York Rd in Towson from Burke Ave all the way down to the Chipotle.  Baltimoreans and Phelps Phans of all ages flooded the streets to greet him, Katie Hoff, and our paralympic champions.

The parade wasn’t all about the olympians though!  It was a great way to showcase the great students and organizations in our community.  I saw flag squads, cheerleaders, politicians, school administrators, all coming together for one purpose:  to show support for our community.  It was great to see so much life in the streets in Towson and everyone coming together to show their Baltimore pride. 

Of course, they saved Phelps for the “grand finale”.  I was right in front of Bill Bateman’s and once Michael Phelps passed by, all the girls followed him down York Rd!  Hmm…I wonder why?!! 

All in all a great experience….let the good times roll in B’more! 

Until next time….this is Ankur…

signing off…..


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