Baltimore Farmer’s Market on a Sunday morning

Ever since I started working at Collegetown a little over a year ago, I’ve learned about so many different activities, events, restaurants, etc in Baltimore.  Before I started working here, I was always going to chain restaurants and grocery stores.  Now it’s a different story – I’ve turned a new leaf…couple of leaves actually!  For example, instead of going to Starbucks for a cup of joe I like going to Evergreen Cafe down on Cold Spring Ln or instead of going to Chipotle or Taco Bell (which are still good), I like to try something a little different and go to Holy Frijoles of Taco Fiesta!  The same thing applies to shopping for produce  – sure, I could go to Giant or Super Fresh, but I believe it’s even better to support local growers. 

Before I came into work on Sunday, I went down to the Baltimore Farmer’s Market.  The Baltimore Farmer’s Market takes place every Sunday morning from 8AM – 12 PM between May 4th through December 21st down at the intersection of Holliday and Saratoga streets.  This is a great that is sponsored by the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts AKA BOPA (ahem ahem…they’re the ones who help put together Freefall Baltimore!  yeah, I know nice plug!)

I strongly encourage Baltimoreans to branch out (if you already haven’t done so!) and try going to this market.  Vendors were selling fresh fruit, greens, flowers and better yet great food!  There were fresh pastries and bread, cheese, fresh flowers, wraps and sandwiches made to order.  The best highlights for me were the Curried Vegan Samosas, fresh smoothies made from real fruit, and fresh mini donuts.  Honestly, I could go on and on about the different types of food they had there.  They had seafood, chinese, vietnamese, mexican, jamaican.  Trust me, I would have purchased a lot more, if I was proficient in cooking vegetables…lol! 

The prices were comparable to what you would see in a grocery store, so don’t think that going to this place is going to break the bank.  I decided I was going to make Eggplant Parmigiana and I ended up buying a large eggplant for a whopping $1.   I think the best part of it was that I saw produce that I don’t normally see in a Giant of Superfresh.  I bought a couple of kinds of apples and pears that I have never ever seen in a mainstream grocery store – there are definitely more kinds than Red Delicious and good ol’ Granny Smith!

If you’re not into the whole cooking/produce scene, at least you can benefit from eating different types of cuising and meeting different people.  The Baltimore Farmer’s Market is not the only one in the area – they have one in Towson on Thursdays and I’m pretty certain they have one in Hampden…maybe one in Charles Village too! 

C’mon Baltimoreans…let’s branch out!

For now…this is Ankur…

Signing off…


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