Johnny Rocket’s is Not So Hip

The little diner-like restaurant near the Muvico movie theater at the Arundel Mills Mall, had always seemed like a kitschy place to go, and seemed like it would be a perfect place for a good American-style lunch. However, with poor service and food which wasn’t good enough to warrant the prices they charged, we were disappointed with our selection.


The whole point of having a theme restaurant is to play up the style and feel of whatever theme you have chosen. So while Johnny Rocket’s had 50’s décor and somewhat old school outfits on their employees, they missed the mark on bringing me an inspiration worthy of a 50s diner. The table jukeboxes were broken, the songs on the radio were way more current then your 50s fare, and nothing about the menu screamed 50s diner at all.


We have to admit that the service we had was less than stellar. Even though we were the only ones in the restaurant (which probably should have served as our first clue that this might not have been the best choice) we had to wait a long time before being seated, and this wasn’t even by the waiter – a cook had to come out from the back to seat us! Then, once we were seated we waited a ridiculous amount of time for our orders to be placed, and when we went to pay our check, our waitress literally disappeared! We had to walk our bill over to the door and hand the girl our money. While we cut them some slack because we arrived at an off-peak hour, we were still frustrated with the lack of attention we received.  


The food itself, though not terrible, was definitely not worthy of the inflated price that didn’t include any fries or other sides. Everyone in our party ordered a burger, though of different styles. And while it was nice to eat a burger that was freshly made instead of the pre-packaged heat-lamped substitutes you get at most fast food restaurants, we still were disappointed with how undercooked the meat was, and how thin the actual patty was. Plus, we had been adventurous and ordered cheese fries to go with our burgers. (We figured since we would have to pay extra for plain, old, boring fries, why not be daring and get cheesy fries instead?) However, when the menu said cheesy fries, what they really meant was a slice of cheese on top of the normal fries. This is not what we had in mind, and truly these were the worst kind we’ve ever had. Overall the food was a disappointment.


Our lunch at Johnny Rockets was a huge bust, and after being so disappointed we don’t think we will be returning any time soon.


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