Ballroom at the Belvedere

Just call me twinkletoes!  Not!  LOL!  I’ve been in Baltimore over the past six years and I’ve always heard from several of my friends that the Belvedere Hotel is a popular venue in Baltimore.  One of my friend’s has even been there for a CD release party!  In my previous post, I’ve mentioned that it’s my personal mission to really explore the fun things to do here in Baltimore!  I wanted to go out on a Wednesday night so I went on a couple of websites that higlight events in the area and I stumbled upon Ballroom at the Belvedere! 

Since I’m such a huge fan of Dancing with the Stars, I thought that I should give ballroom dancing a whirl.  For $17 you get two half hour lessons from Helmut and a dinner buffet!  IT’S A SWEET DEAL!  Helmut is a great instructor!  He noticed that my friend and I were new, so he came up to us and started a conversation.  He’s been teaching every Wednesday for over a decade and dancing for over 40 years!  I was struggling a little bit in the lessons, so he gave me some 1:1 time to make sure I got the moves.  That night we learned the Rumba and Swing.  Essentailly, he covers two dances a week and runs through a series of them over a 2 month period.  Once he covers all the dances, then he starts the series all over again.

The buffet was catered by Truffles Catering, which is also located in the Belvedere Hotel.  They had stuffed shells, fresh vegetables, salmon, and a couple of desserts.  It was a really satisfying meal and it was even better because I got to live out my reality show dreams! 

There were lots of regulars there, which was somewhat intimidating, but at the same time it just shows how much people love this event!  The only drawback I would say was my friend and I were the youngest couple there.  The event definitely attracts a much older crowd.  There was a younger couple who strolled in during the second lesson and my friend and I were like whew, we’re not the only young ones here! 

I would definitely go back, but if you’re looking to connect the younger crowd then I would recommend swing dance lessons at Austin Grill!  Baltimore magazine voted swing lessons at Austin Grill as the “Best reason to go out on a Monday night!”

For information on either of these events, click on the links below:

Ballroom at the Belvedere:
Swing dance lessons at Austin Grill:

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