Red Robin in Owings Mills

Another birthday at Collegetown means another dinner out. And though we’d already been to the Red Robin in Columbia, the food was good enough that we decided to check out the Owings Mills version of the chain.

The atmosphere at this Red Robin is still fun and energetic, but unlike in its Columbia counterpart, you actually could hear yourself talk. (Though we got seated in the back which added some extra kitchen noise.) With a more spacious layout, the noise from other tables wasn’t overwhelming and, you didn’t feel like you were sitting on top of another table. They also have the coolest decorations on the walls that display an eclectic mix of cultural artificats and tributes to local flare. Plus, with an awesome revolving door (which we figure makes for good entertainment after happy hour) and candy and arcade machines, this Red Robin sets you up for a fun meal.

The food here was excellent. We switched up our usual orders and tried a variety of things on the menu, each with delicious satisfaction. One diner tried the tortilla soup. With just the right amount of sour cream on top to make the soup gooey and creamy, and huge chunks of tender grilled chicken breast, this soup packed quite a yummy punch and made for a great complete meal. Another party member ordered the chicken fajitas. With a heaping serving size and sizzling hot dish, the fajitas aim to please. And please they did as our companion delighted in the meal and only complained when they ran out of room to finish. (plus you get salsa, sour cream, and guacemole all included – we’d call that a bonus.) Then there were the burgers that our friends enjoyed. Burgers are what Red Robin is known for, and after our meal this weekend, it’s clear why. With huge patties, and a clever array of burger combinations, they really offer any diner the kind of burger they love. The meat was tender and not on the usual fast food sloppy bun covered in condiments. And if you’re still full after these monstrous burgers, they give you bottomless french fries (steak fries with a dash of seasoning) to satisfy your salt craving.

Overall, we had another great experience at Red Robin, and we were happy that this time we were able to have a fun dinner without feeling like we were in the middle of a child’s birthday party. The next time we’re in Owings Mills, we’ll definitely be going back.


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