No Encore for Kyro Pizza!

After a week away from the office, it was time to have a team lunch!  As always, we wanted to try something different, something Baltimore!  My colleague, Katie, and I ended up having lunch at Kyro PIzza in Mt. Vernon.  We had lunch around 2, so we avoided the lunch rush completely. 

Since it was rather late, there wasn’t anyone else in the restaurant but us.  There was a plethora of items on the menu to choose from, that’s for sure!  Salads, appetizers, sandwiches, calzones, and of course Pizzas!  The cuisine has a lot of Mediterranean/Middle Eastern influence to it, which I absolutely love!  I ended up selecting the Chicken Falafel Pita.  The sandwich comes with either a small house salad or side of fries.  I went the healthy route and chose the house salad with raspberry dressing. 

The description on the menu sounded a lot better than what I actually received.  The food didn’t necessarily taste bad, but it didn’t taste “Oh my goodness, gimme more!” either.  The food was missing that kick, some seasoning or spice, to really bring it on home.  Conceptually, the dishes sound great, however the execution isn’t the best.  (Haha, I realized I sound like Tom Collichio on Top Chef!) 

Next time I’m in the Mt. Vernon area looking for a good bite to eat, I’d think twice about eating here….I’d rather try all the other great options Mt. Vernon has to offer.  On my way out, I noticed a painting on the wall with a woman eating a pizza and smiling.  When I saw that, all I could think to myself was, too bad I don’t have that same expression!

This is Ankur…

Signing off….


2 thoughts on “No Encore for Kyro Pizza!

  1. Well I for one highly disagree with this review. When I was in the Mt. Vernon area around August for my birthday. A group of friends and I went into Kyro pizza around 4 in the afternoon for something to eat. There were about 10 of us and each of us got something different from the extremely large menu Kyro offers. I had the middle eastern combination platter. It was beyond expectations. I enjoyed the dish extremely and its appearance. The freshly made pita bread was a great compliment. Two of my friends had the Hawaiin and Manhattan pizzas. They both also loved their food. The pizzas looked amazing and delicious to eat and it turns out they were! Even though we had such a large party, the service was great and the aura of the restataurant was fantastic. I highly recommend Kyro Pizza to anyone looking for a bit of flavor and uniquness for an extraordinary dinning experience. Definetly five stars.

  2. I disagree with the review too (the patron was not in the know in terms of what to order) — been going to Kyro Pizza for a while and the wings, the hummus, the pita, the salads and the pizza are fantastic. Admittedly, the falafel is better some days than others, the kabobs are better elsewhere and the service is sometimes spotty. If you go here, which I highly recommend, stick to the pizza, which is what Kyro does best, but also try the wings and the hummus. The wall of Kyro characters is also really cool to see. With a smaller more focused menu, this place could be something special.

    –Joe Reyes

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