Oh Hampden, how I love thee!

I was psuedo productive this past weekend…I cleaned my room and organized a bunch of stuff and I caught up on one of my favorite shows WEEDS!!  Even though I spent way too much time in my apartment this past weekend, I kept myself busy.  Towards the end of the day on Sunday, my roomie and I were a little bored.  We both needed to get out the house!  Since there are so many cool places to eat at in Owings Mills (can you sense my sarcasm!!?), we decided to venture out into the city and go to Hampden. 

My roommate/buddy Patrick hasn’t been in the neighborhood, so it was definitely the perfect place to try out on a gorgeous summer evening.  I’ve been to Holy Frijoles and Cafe Hon (both of which are really great!), so we decided to try a place neither of us have been to; in the end, we chose Golden West Cafe!  I recently read about this place in an issue of Urbanite Magazine and I even put it up on the Collegetown website – apparently it’s labeled as a “culinary institution” in Baltimore.  Well, as soon as we entered the establishment, we both knew we were going to have a kick butt meal.  It’s really weird, but we both got a really cool vibe about the place.  If I counted accurately, I believe Patrick said “This is so freakin’ cool!” about 7 times in the course of an hour! LOL!  The restaurant is oh so Hampden!  If you’ve been to the neighborhood, you’ll know what I mean!  The walls were painted with plenty of bright colors, while the center of the restaurant had a tree with cherry blossom-like flowers.  On the walls, you can see the numerous accolades they’ve received in newspapers and the Best of Baltimore issues.

Pesonally, I’m a sucker for breakfast foods.  The best thing about Golden West Cafe, is that it’s served all day everyday!  Patrick ventured out into left field and tried the breakfast burger.  His breakfast burger was truly unique – a beef patty with bacon on top stuck between two pancakes!  I had a hard time selecting from their extensive menu, but after much careful thought and consideration, I ordered their breakfast quesadilla.    The quesadilla was stuffed with eggs and globs of Monterey Jack cheese served with a fresh salsa, guacamole, and hash browns.  Can you say Y-U-M!!!??  Their menu is pretty vegetarian friendly, so if you know anyone who has special dietary needs, this is the place to go!  You can add “tofu chorizo” to some of the menu items, or even order tofu buffalo nuggets!  How cool is that?

In addition to the breakfast foods, many of which have a Mexican flare to it, they offer plenty of salads and sandwiches to choose from.  The prices are definitely reasonable – between the two of us we spent $26.  As much as I love going to nice, fancier places, it’s definitely nice to go to a chill place with none of that frou frou stuff.   Service was spot on – our server was super friendly and chatted it up with us. 

It’s always fun to be in good company, but it’s even better when the meal is just right!  I’ve already picked out what I’m going to order next time – the French Toast with Bananas and Walnuts and creme-fraiche!!!

Until next time….

This is Ankur…

Signing off…



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