Our day at Arundel Mills

We had a day off last week to celebrate some Collegetown birthdays and so we headed to Arundel Mills to explore all the different activities this mega-mall has to offer.

We started off our day by checking out the Dave and Buster’s located near the Muvico. Dave and Busters is like Chuck ‘E’ Cheese 3000 as the arcade area is massive and with a bowling area, pool tables, and an extensive bar menu, this isn’t your run of the mill kiddie place. Though there are still plenty of kids around, this set-up allows for teenagers and adults alike to come out and relive their youth, and enjoy some good drinks and sporting action along the way. (We at Collegetown love games, and are super competitive, so we were basically in our element here.)

We handed over $12 and received a game card that gave us hours of entertainment. No longer do you have to put quarters into a game to get it to run, just simply swipe your game card (which looks just like a credit card) and the machine electronically takes off the value of the game from your card’s total. This was great as it allowed for fast-paced game playing and let us try out as many games as possible. 

Being that it was a weekday during the school year, the place wasn’t super-crowded, but as we were leaving, we saw lots of people coming in to check the place out. (Our advice, get there early if you want the best access to the most games, and don’t want crowds or long lines. ) We have to say we are big fans of skee ball, and racked up tons of tickets this way. (Another hint: sometimes you can accidently swipe for more than one round, so don’t just walk away from the machine after your 9 balls. Make sure you don’t have another round of tickets waiting for you!) And if you can get to the Air Hockey tables you simply have to play a game. Now we are super competitive and our game outlasted the amount of time the machine allotted, but it was worth every Dave and Buster dollar we spent. Plus you can turn in all your tickets at the end for some great prizes!

After our exhaustive yet thrilling excursion to Dave and Buster’s we were starving – so we headed over to Damon’s Grill to grab lunch. And being in the gaming spirit we had to ask for one of their Buzztime Trivia boxes so we could join in on some trivia fun. Buzztime is great because it pits tables of guests against each other in random fact trivia that most people don’t really know. (Don’t worry, the game gives you hints.)

We have to say, we were kinda bummed that we even had to stop thinking about trivia to place our order and eat our food. But, we were definitely glad we did because our food was delicious. With a menu that included  a “Just enough” option that gave us half a sandwich and salad, we found it difficult to choose from their delicious options. We ended up with a Honey Bourbon Chicken Melt and house salad. Our sandwich was scrumptious (though we would have liked our bacon to be crispier) and our salad was surprisingly nice for what you normally get at a restaurant. Though our service was a little slow (since the place was packed we can’t be too critical) we had a great time at Damon’s and even won a round of trivia!

Then we just had to walk off our full bellies so we headed back inside the mall. If you’ve never been to Arundel Mills you have to check it out, because with so many stores there’s sure to be one that becomes your favorite! The loop that makes up the mall has to be at least a mile in length and all the stores feature something different. Plus, there are some stores that are outlets or factory stores so you can get some great deals on your favorite brands as well! Our only real compaint is that parking can get difficult, especially on the restaurant side of the mall.

Overall the day was a fun and exciting adventure (if also a hit to our wallets with all the goodies we bought) and the perfect way to celebrate! We can’t wait untill our half-birthdays so we can celebrate again!


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