Lee’s Ice Cream is not soo cool

The weather was really nice last week and I wanted to take advantage of it.  I was driving North on York Rd on my way to a meeting and I saw that Lee’s Ice Cream opened up a store where the Pei Wei and the Rite Aid are.  Being the sucker for ice cream that I am, I decided to hook a left into the shopping center to check it out. 

I walk in and it smelled great – the aroma of fresh ice cream fused with fresh donuts and glazes (mouth watering at this point!)  I look at the menu to scope out their selection and much to my surprise, the prices were kinda out there. 

I ended up selecting this super chocolaty sundae – cookies and cream ice cream, with crumbled oreos, and chocolate sauce (yeah i know!)  I ended up paying $5.25 for this sundae and I was thinking to myself, if you’re going to pay over $5 for a sundae, it has to be unique, taste super good, and offer a generous portion.  Not to mention, the customer service has to be better!  When you go to Coldstone, you’re getting all of those –  a large quantity of delicious ice cream, a unique creation, and a great staff to take care of you.  Heck you could make a meal out of Coldstone!

Next time I’m in the mood for something to satisfy my sweet tooth, I’ll think twice (maybe three or four times) about stopping at Lee’s.  There’s Uncle Wiggly’s up the street and even a Rita’s.  Of course, Coldstone remains true to my heart and ranks one of the best places to get ice cream…..sorry Lee’s!

This is Ankur…

Signing off..



2 thoughts on “Lee’s Ice Cream is not soo cool

  1. You are nuts! Lee’s has the best ice cream, hands down. I think you must work for Uncle Wiggly’s or Rita’s! I had a sundae WITH a hot donut. Find me something like that at UW, Rita’s or Cold Stone. I respect your opinion but don’t agree! To each their own!

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