Collegetown has a new home!

Today was moving day for Collegetown! We are happy to call the College of Notre Dame our new home!

Moving day was a little tough, what with the unrelenting pouring rain and the less than enthusiastic movers helping us. It took us a full day just to pack everything we had into boxes and all of today to move the boxes into our new space – and we haven’t even started unpacking yet! Needless to say we are exhausted from all the taping, lifting, organizing, and measuring. (Making sure our desks would actually fit.)

But our sore backs were completely worth it! Not only are we excited to be on the Notre Dame campus, in the midst of the bustle of Charles Street, close to our students, but we are excited to be coming into such a friendly and welcoming environment! The girls of Notre Dame had made a sign for us reading “Welcome Collegetown! We are happy you are here!” that greeted us as we struggled to maneuver all the boxes and direct the movers into the right rooms. The sign instantly put a smile on our faces and made us feel truly welcomed. The staff here at Notre Dame has been great too – coming in to check on us and make sure we had everything we needed and helping us in any way they could.

We can’t wait to get everything unpacked so that we can get out and explore our new surroundings!


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