MASTI 2008

Last Friday, I had the pleasure of helping some of my friends put on their annual cultural show, Masti.  Masti is a cultural show that takes place in mid April every year at Towson University.  The event is primarily sponsored by the South Asian Students Association of Towson University.  The word Masti means “fun” in Hindi.  This year’s show had more “Masti” than ever before. 

You know it’s always great to go back to the ol’ stomping ground!  You get to reconnect with old friends and other students who were actively engaged as you were, but then you also get to see the “new blood” who are trying to make their mark at Towson.  My friend, Anita, is one of those people. 

Anita had a vision of what she wanted to do in 2008.  She wanted to recruit outside performers, infuse a little bit of comedy, and of course show support for an important cause.  As always, show day is absolute mayhem.  On Friday, i left work a little early to help out with the preparations for the show.  Decorations were elegant, yet simple.  We intertwined rolls of light green and peach fabric with xmas lights and draped them all over the walls.  Each table had a vase taped with ribbon beautifully accessorized with fresh roses. 

The show started a little bit past the schedule 8 PM start time, but it’s ok because we kept our guests satisfied with samosas, paneer tikka, and mango lassi catered by Sizzling Bombay in Bel Air, MD.  We kicked off the show around 8:15 with a Fashion show with sasa members (and alums like me!) dressed in their great traditional outfits. 

The acts to follow kept getting better and better.  Anita invited Moksha, a dance group from College Park.  They incorporated storytelling with traditional indian dancing.  Next we invited an Indian acapella group from College Park, Anokha.  I’ve honestly never heard an acapella group before and it was an absolute treat.  They put their little spin on old hindi music as well as hits such as Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music”.  One of the many highlights was the comedian, Rahul Siddarth.  He was absolutely great and really got the audience to loosen up and laugh. 

After incorporating a little bit of humor, we slowed things down and talked about Mission Hospital in India.  Mission Hospital provides basic health services to children that the crippling healthcare system in India can’t.  One of my good friends Sini, made a brief presentation about the cause and we requested for people to open up their hearts and make a donation to Mission Hospital.  At the end of the night, we raised about $700! 

The second half consisted of several dances, another performance by Moksha and of course a funny skit.  Normally we do a spoof of some kind of game or reality show.  In the past we’ve done Desi Idol, The Bachelor, and Two guys, a girl, and a kabob hut.  This year, we decided to put a little twist on the Newlywed Game.  The skit played on some stereotypes and got the audience cheering and jeering for the members who performed in the skit. 

After the one and half hour show concluded, we served a traditional Indian dinner catered from Sizzling Bombay and had some music in the background going on courtesy of DJ Binda!  We served naan, rice, sweets, Chana Masala, Chicken Curry, and Malai Kofta.  Everyone left entertained and their stomachs full!

To celebrate our wonderful production, we headed over to High Topps Grille in Timonium.  It’s a nice chill area just to hang out and unwind with friends!

Anyways, it was a fun night and I’m already looking forward to next year!  My friends in SASA at Towson are absolutely great and I hope they keep churning out new ideas and put amazing programs on next year!  To learn more about SASA at Towson, e-mail Anita Handa at   

That’s all for now…this is Ankur…

Signing off…


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