Bay Cafe and Cake Love!

Today was team bonding day here at Collegetown and as always it was a great time! 

Our wonderful boss took my co-worker and I to a great place in Canton – Bay Cafe.  On a warm day such as this, there is no way you can pass up the opportunity to have lunch at a restaurant right on the water.  Although we didn’t sit outside, we had a table with a picture perfect view of the water.  We felt the harbor breeze and saw boats passing by.  It was great to sit there and enjoy the picturesque view!

As was the location, the food was spot on.  I ordered one of their pizzas, while my colleauges enjoyed Hawaiian Chicken Breast and Maryland Crab Soup.  Although the food was good, the service was a tad bit slow.  Our waiter wasn’t super responsive, but that could be an isolated incident (hopefully!)

After chatting it up, obviously our team lunch wouldn’t be complete without satisfying our sweet tooths!  We went across the street in the same shopping center as the Safeway to this great bakery called Cake Love.  We were able to sample a couple of their cupcakes.  Orange Cupcake with Vanilla Frosting is out of this world!  I absolutely love this bakery – they have a vast selection of desserts to choose from and not to mention they bake everything from scratch daily.   It’s a little bit on the pricey side, but once you put that moist cupcake in your mouth, you will forget about the price tag and want seconds!

As always, Collegetown team lunches are a boatload (pun intended) of laughs with plenty of great conversation. 

That is all for now…

This is Ankur..

Signing off…



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