Cheeburger Cheeburger!

We finally had a chance to go out for lunch and decided to try a new restaurant. So we ventured over to the Cheeburger Cheeburger in Columbia to see what this whole “create your own burger” thing was all about. The verdict? Absolute deliciousness!

Not only can you make your own burger, you can also make your own drink and salad, and can even have a variety of dipping sauces for their hearty fries! First comes the all-important burger choice. (Or chicken sandwich if you prefer.) You can top the burger with as many topping choices as you would like – we’re talking even 7 toppings if you want them. And the best part is that most of these toppings are included absolutely free! (You only pay extra for things like bacon and mushrooms.) But if you want cheese, tomato, onions, bbq sauce, pineapple, and marinara sauce all on your burger you’d pay nothing extra! Then you have to pick your fries’ dipping sauce. With 5 signature ones to choose from, ranging from the creamy, to the tangy, to the spicy, you will have a hard time picking just one to indulge in. Next came drink selection. Options here include ice cream floats, soda shake-ups (meaning a huge variety of soda combinations to enjoy), milk-shakes made to order with any flavor combination you could possibly dream up, specially concocted mixed flavored iced teas, and the normal soda and water fare. (As you can see, eating at Cheeburger Cheeburger not only guarantees delicious food, but a way to express your creativity with so many decisions to make.)

At first, when we were ordering our food, we were hesitant to venture too far out of our comfort zone – did we really know we would like a pineapple-bbq cheeseburger? But then we decided to just go for it, and get the full Cheeburger Cheeburger experience. So we ordered a cheeseburger with tomato, black olives, and guacamole. (Our companion was a little less adventurous, adding just lettuce, tomato, olives, and pineapple to theirs.) Then we decided we would be daring and try 3 of their signature sauces – the “creamy” cheesy ranch, the “tangy” Texas horseradish, and the “refreshing” chile lime to go with our heaping helping of fresh fries. For our drinks we got a cola float and a watermelon iced tea.

When our food arrived we couldn’t wait to see if the choices we made actually equaled a good-tasting burger. And they did! Our burger was absolutely delicious! The burger was just juicy enough, and our toppings equaled a surprisingly scrumptious delight. (Plus our tomato slice was huge and perfectly ripe – not those green flimsy things you usually see on your fast food meals.) The fries were also excellent as they were cut from whole potatoes, making them thicker (perfect for dipping) and less greasy than you’d expect. We loved 2 of our sauces (sorry Chile Lime – we just thought you a little spicy for our mild tastes) and their unique taste left us glad we didn’t just reach for the ketchup bottle. The drinks were also spectacular and came in cool little glasses that looked like jelly jars. We actually sat and devoured our whole meal – even though we’re sure we were full way before we finished – we just couldn’t help ourselves!

Besides having excellent food, Cheeburger Cheeburger is also unique as it presents a charming 50’s diner decor. The pink walls and silver bar stools, took us right back to all those movie scenes with the 50’s greasers and poodle skirts. Neon signs welcomed us, and cardboard cutouts of Elvis smiled at us as we left. Then there’s the wall of fame for those patrons who managed to eat their Pounder Burger. The wall is cluttered with Polaroids of the satisfied customers holding a stuffed cheeseburger. (Even kids can get in on the act if they finish a 1/2 Pounder.) Plus with good oldies music streaming in and trivia cards at every table, this restaurant caters to the entire family.

We really enjoyed the food and dining experience at Cheeburger Cheeburger – and with so many options you can actually go back as many times as you want and never get the same thing twice! Next time we think we’ll try a cheeseburger with salsa and peanut butter, or maybe steak sauce and bell peppers, or maybe… or maybe we’ll just have to keep going back until we try them all!


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