Student Leadership Workshop!

This Thursday was our semesterly Student Leadership Workshop – and this one was one of the best ever!

Students from 7 schools came together to learn about teambuilding. And 2 hours later, when the workshop was over, students were wishing it could go longer.

This topic in particular seemed to resonate with students as they enjoyed engaging with other leaders from around Baltimore and putting teambuilding techniques to use as they did so. Our guest speaker, Jason Heiserman from Johns Hopkins, gave a wonderful interactive presentation that included demonstrations of a variety of icebreakers that the students were then able to try out for themselves. These icebreakers ranged from the classic introductory bingo to the new and interesting picture chain. He also discussed why teambuilding was important, how to choose an icebreaker that was appropriate for your group, and different reasons and solutions for implementing them. Not only did the energizers engage the group and help facilitate interaction, but it provided strategies that students could take back with them to implement in their own groups.

Plus with free food and great prizes (there were iTunes gift cards, Target gift certificates, and the ever-popular Sharpie marker collection) it was sure to be a good time. Now we may be biased in saying that we think this workshop was very useful and actually fun for students, but we kid you not – we’ve read the evaluations and even you agree! We will continue to work to make these workshops even better and hope we can have students from even more schools represented.


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