Ciao! Pizza Bistro Italiano

Who says you can only get good Italian food in Little Italy?  Ciao! Pizza Bistro is one of the newest additions to the The Shops at Quarry Lake.  Quarry Lake is a beautiful development located off Greenspring Ave.  When you enter the shopping center you see a Fresh Market, of course a Starbucks, a pharmacy, and a couple of great restaurants. 

I didn’t feel like cooking anything on a Saturday afternoon so I decided to be a rebel and try a new place.  As an Owings Mills resident, it’s refreshing to know about some good restaurants nearby.  The ambiance is definitely nice at Ciao! – it’s very casual and it’s a perfect place to take your loved one or have a family dinner.  The restaurant is beautifully designed with canvassed artwork and little knick knacks.  It definitely has a contemporary, trendy bistro feel to it.    

I sat at the bar area to scope things out.   They started me off with some complimentary foccacia bread with an olive tapenade.  Absolutely delicious!  I am a sucker for some good foccacia!  They have everything and anything you’re in the mood for – pasta, salad, chicken, veal, beef, etc!  It actually took me a while to figure out what I wanted because there were so many appetizing options. 

I ordered the Eggplant Parmigiana – my absolute favorite Italian dish!  The food came out pretty quickly (not that there were many people anyways).  The eggplant was served with a small serving of Spagetti w/Marinara Sauce.   The food was perfect – it was piping hot and melted in my mouth.  

On Sundays, they have brunch specials.  Each item on the brunch menu is served with a mimosa or glass of champagne.  Prices may vary.      

Overall, I had a pretty good experience.  My entree with the soda was came to $11 which is not bad considering I was satisfied until nighttime.  The service was slightly off – it could have just been my server…:x I’m definitely looking forward to my next trip to Ciao!.  I have really high hopes for the Quarry Lake development – it definitely has the potential to grow into a hotspot!  Honestly, it’s perfect location.  It’s great for people who want to try great restaurants without going into the city and it’s close to residents living in the burbs of Baltimore County who are looking to branch out and try some new places and of course college students who go to Villa Julie, Towson, CCBC!  For more information, check out their website:

That is all for now…

This is Ankur…signing off….


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