The Dog Pub in Federal Hill

So we tried out the Pub Dog in Columbia and shared our thoughts. But after Collegetown Night at the Orioles, we ventured out into the Federal Hill area and explored the home branch Dog Pub. Though still not as good as when our furry friends were allowed to accompany us into the Thirsty Dog, this pub was very entertaining and will keep us coming back for more.

As we had headed out rather late due to the game, we weren’t able to get a feel for the decor and set-up of the place as it was already packed wall-to-wall with people. But, the crowded-ness only led us to believe that good things were to come. The crowd was actually a nice change from some of the other after-hours bars we’ve been to, as no one was super rowdy and everyone made an effort to let you by if you needed to make your way through the hallway. Everyone seemed rather friendly and in control (no drunk girls on the tables, or passed out in the corner) which made the overall ambience of the night great.

The food here is just as good as it ever was when the place was called something else. The pizzas are to die for, and with such clever combinations that you never thought would ever go together that somehow become the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted, you really can’t find much not to like on the menu. The service here was great too, especially considering how crowded it was. (Though it took a little longer to get the check than we would have liked, if we had come prepared with cash we could’ve avoided having to wait around at all. – We’ll definitely know better next time.)

Another great thing about the Dog Pub is the different levels they have. The first and second levels are divided into the bar area and the dining area, which makes it feel a little more restaurant-y than actual college bar. The third level is great because it’s an open floor lay-out with a shuffleboard game going on at all times. (An extra bonus is the shelf all around the room, which makes a great drink holder.) Playing shuffleboard if you can (it’s in pretty high demand) is great too. It’s not everyday you actually get to play some great bar games at a bar and we loved being able to meet new people as we challenged them to a match. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to play, the rules are posted on the wall so you can figure it out.

Overall, we give the Dog Pub an A. Though we miss our furry friends, we still enjoy the great food, drinks, and fun atmosphere that this establishment delivers.


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